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August 18, 2010 09:28 ET

Vertro Releases Non-Financial Metrics for the First Half of Q3 2010

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 18, 2010) - Vertro, Inc. (NASDAQ: VTRO) (NASDAQ: VTROD) (1) today released certain non-financial metrics from continuing operations for the first half of Q3 2010.

"As we pass the halfway point in the third quarter, we believe there is value in updating investors and other stakeholders with certain key non-financial metrics," commented Peter Corrao, Vertro's President and CEO.

"During our second quarter earnings call, we signaled our intention to increase our customer acquisition program to more aggressively expand our user base. We believe that the non-financial metrics we are releasing today emphasize this strategy and, based on these metrics, we continue to expect double digit sequential quarterly revenue growth for the third quarter, as well as breakeven EBITDA.

Non-financial metrics:

                                           Q2 2010      7/1/10 - 8/15/10
                                          (91 Days)        (46 Days)
Total search queries(2)                  250.4 million   149.7 million
  - ALOT Region 1                        154.7 million    87.4 million
  - ALOT Rest of world                    87.6 million    59.4 million
  - Legacy products                       8.1 million     2.9 million

                                            6/30/10         8/15/10
Live toolbar users(3)                     7.0 million     8.4 million
  - ALOT Region 1                         4.7 million     5.1 million
  - ALOT Rest of world                    2.1 million     3.1 million
  - Legacy toolbar                        0.2 million     0.2 million

                                           June 2010       July 2010
ALOT Home: absolute monthly uniques(4)    5.7 million     6.2 million

(1) For a period of 20 trading days from August 18, 2010, Vertro's trading
    symbol on the Nasdaq Capital Market will change from "VTRO" to
    "VTROD." This temporary change is to indicate that a reverse stock
    split has occurred
(2) Source: internal statistics; 'region one' refers to ALOT users in the
    U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand
(3) Source: Internal statistics; live users are defined as the number of
    unique toolbar users active on the Internet in the last 15 days of
    each period
(4) Source: Google Analytics "Absolute Unique Visitors" report; July 2010
    is the only full month of data currently available for Q3 2010

About Vertro, Inc.

Vertro, Inc. is an Internet company that owns and operates the ALOT product portfolio. ALOT's products are designed to 'Make the Internet Easy' by enhancing the way consumers engage with content online. Through ALOT, Internet users can discover best-of-the-web third party content and display that content through customizable toolbar and homepage products. ALOT has millions of live users across its product portfolio. Together these users conduct high-volumes of type-in search queries, which are monetized through third-party search and content agreements.

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Forward-looking Statements

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