SOURCE: ViaLogy Corporation

June 05, 2007 11:27 ET

ViaLogy Announces IPv6-Capable MicroSPM™ for High Definition Surveillance Video Processing

LONDON--(Marketwire - June 5, 2007) - ViaLogy plc (LSE: VIY) announced today that it has developed IPv6-capable MicroSPM™ , compact embedded hardware for high definition video processing applications over IP-converged networks.

MicroSPM™ extends ViaLogy's SPM™ software product family by delivering a network-centric hardware policy-engine for fully autonomous incident-based rapid detection, analysis and response. The MicroSPM™ platform addresses three major trends within the global surveillance industry: increasing adoption of network addressable digital video camera and thermal imagers; need for real-time autonomous processing by moving the policy and the intelligence to the network edge, and, the accelerated migration to IPv6 addressing standards.

MicroSPM™ is powered by ViaLogy's proprietary, patented signal processing Quantum Resonance Interferometry ("QRI") technology for detecting weak signals and image features in high background clutter. QRI delivers video-applications in the form of prepackaged user customizable policies in firmware. Initial applications include: face-extraction in crowds; human, object and vehicle detection and counting, and license plate reading. Immediate verticals include defense, oil & gas, enterprise safety and security, and, perimeter and border surveillance. MicroSPM™ enables high speed processing at the video source, only transmitting policy-based exceptions and events to the operator sites. It also delivers plug-and-play interoperability for IP-enabled video and night-vision devices from different vendors.

Today, video surveillance systems are an essential remote monitoring tool for critical infrastructure, including airports, border crossings, ports, dams, trains and subways; financial and governmental institutions; power grids, utilities and refining facilities. Video is routinely used by businesses for monitoring entrances, walkways, parking lots and warehouses. In banks and retail, surveillance cameras are strategically positioned to monitor and record the behavior of customers and tellers. However, the bulk of decision making is performed by human operators staring at multiple video consoles and manually controlling cameras. Size of this overall video surveillance market is estimated at over $3 billion for 2007, with sales of security cameras exceeding 6 million units and growing at over 30%.

According to ViaLogy CTO Dr. Sandeep Gulati, "Centralized operator-based video viewing and security decision making is a major choke-point in timely response. Bulk of video is archived and only used for post-incident analysis. MicroSPM' real-time edge processing will significantly expand the actionable information bandwidth for customers. This is consistent with our focus on broad market applications where ViaLogy's QRI signal processing becomes an enabler."

ViaLogy President and CEO Mr. Shah Talukder stated, "Customers are facing significant challenges in managing a multitude of sensor, video and other devices in their networked environments. We see a significant opportunity for scaleable, cost effective and future-proof solutions to manage their global and regional security networks." He added, "We also see MicroSPM™ enabling partners to IPv6-enable their fixed and mobile sensors and network subsystems."

Vialogy is in discussions with customers and partners to pilot and deploy MicroSPM™ within their surveillance infrastructure.

About ViaLogy: Network Centric Signal Processing.

ViaLogy is a leading innovator of network-centric, real-time signal processing platforms for sensor applications. ViaLogy is currently deploying and designing computational systems, powered by its patented technologies, for applications in life sciences, public safety and security, surveillance, defense and geoseismology. Vialogy focuses on market driven problems where automation, timeliness, quality and reliability of information processing are essential. ViaLogy's core competency incorporates rapidly and accurately detecting weak signals buried in high noise background and clutter. This technology can be employed to solve problems involving sensor integration and information overload challenges involving video, telephony and control sensors, as well as for enhancement of numerous signal processing applications. For more information, visit our website at

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