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October 31, 2006 10:06 ET

Video Clarity Announces ClearView Version 3.5

Tools for Video Capture, Analysis, and Playout

CAMPBELL, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 31, 2006 -- Video Clarity, Inc., a leading provider of video analysis equipment, announced that it has released ClearView version 3.5. The ClearView Video Analysis system is a reliable, format-agnostic, frame accurate video analysis system, which includes capture, analysis and playback of video sequences. This software upgrade also works on the ClearView Shuttle System.

According to Frost & Sullivan's "World IP Video Test & Measurement Market," tolerance levels in IP video services are minimal; thus, it becomes highly essential to have effective monitoring and troubleshooting tools when networks are deployed in the present market scenario, increasing the demand for suitable test equipment. This poses a significant challenge to test equipment providers catering to this market. The capital costs of the test equipment used for IPTV and video are very high, running into billions of dollars. Since these costs eventually get passed on to the users, it is hardly surprising that they demand the highest quality possible to get maximum value from the service. The challenge for test equipment providers is to keep pace with the latest technologies in IP video and TV and to be able to develop suitable solutions to test them.

Release 3.5 has increased the functionality of the ClearView Video Analysis System, which already allowed its users to play and analyze two 1920x1080 HD video sequences. ClearView simplifies the Subjective Assessment work flow, by combining the video server and capture device together. It plays the source video sequence to a video processing unit under test; while capturing its output. It aligns the video sequences, and plays the original and processed video sequences -- side-by-side, mirrored, or seamless split -- on the same display. Based on the recommendations of ITU-R BT.500.10, ClearView can play any stored video sequence in any order for any period of time.

ClearView applies various Objective Metrics to the video sequences, generates graphs, and calculates an objective score. ClearView is the perfect hybrid system that simplifies subjective testing while providing real-time, repeatable objective measurements.

The ClearView Video Analysis system is modular in features. For pricing and availability, use the tools at to configure a system.

New Features in release 3.5:

--  Source 2 separate video processing units
--  Source a video processing unit while capturing its output
--  New Library Manager features
--  GUI Drag & Drop enhancements
--  MPEG-4 part 2 and H.264 decode support up to HD
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Video Clarity, Inc. is a leading provider of subjective and objective video quality analysis systems, which provide all the tools necessary for R&D laboratories, broadcasters, and transmission engineers to make deterministic measurements of video quality. Propelled by sophisticated technology and market expertise, Video Clarity's ClearView system is at the core of commercial and educational researchers around the world. Video Clarity, Inc was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Campbell, CA. with distribution world-wide. For additional information, please visit the company's Web site at

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