NBN/CP RadioWire

June 11, 2007 11:51 ET

Video Game Contest Based on Global Warming

Microsoft is stepping up to support a growing movement of social-minded gaming. The company, with the not-for-profit group Games For Change, will sponsor a contest inviting college students to develop a game based on global warming. It’s the first time a major games publisher has put resources toward the concept of “public interest” gaming. Suzanne Segerman is co-founder of Games For Change:

“We’re using video games as a medium for creating and fostering positive social change. The games are meant to encourage players to identify ways to resolve conflicts or find alternative solutions to the pressing problems we all face today – like war, oil economics or poverty.”

The Xbox 360 games for change challenge will award cash prizes and other honors to three teams or individuals who create the best games based on global warming. The contest will open this August. More information is posted online at gamesforchange.org.