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June 21, 2010 09:45 ET

VirtuOz Gives Fortune 1000 Companies Unprecedented Insight Into Voice of Customer With Rapid Adapt Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - June 21, 2010) -  VirtuOz ( today announced the latest version of their leading virtual agent solution, VirtuOz Rapid Adapt, further advancing the superior user experience companies can provide their customers. The VirtuOz Rapid Adapt Release creates the first adaptive virtual agent system that continually learns and improves with every customer interaction. Virtuoz has always automated interactions between companies and their users. This latest release now automates the training of virtual agents and evaluation of virtual agents' performance. Thus, the cycle of training, interaction and learning has been automated to create an unprecedented virtual agent system that constantly improves the user experience -- the more conversations a virtual agent has, the more effective it is. With VirtuOz Rapid Adapt, the iterative process of improving a virtual agent that used to take weeks occurs automatically in a few short hours.

"Our virtual agents are helping companies provide a superior user experience while reducing the costs to assist those customers," said Alexandre Lebrun, co-founder and CEO, VirtuOz. "This latest release of VirtuOz enables them to adapt faster to customers' needs while giving them unprecedented insight into the topics and issues that their customers are concerned with."


The latest release of VirtuOz has new patent-pending technology that takes interactions from customers and automatically analyzes and groups similar input, and identifies solutions to improve the agent's performance -- making it fast and easy for VirtuOz agents to learn about new topics. VirtuOz's industry leading techniques for analyzing input and building solutions go far beyond simple keyword analysis. The solution intelligently groups user conversations to determine the true intent of customers. Each group is automatically analyzed and AutoLearn offers potential solutions for the virtual agent administrator to review. An administrator can choose among multiple automatically generated solutions or create a new solution that can easily be applied to the virtual agent. AutoLearn helps a virtual agent learn to handle new types of user inquiries and refine its ability to discern subtle differences between user needs. The result is that every conversation users have with the virtual agent improves the experience for future customer interactions.

Voice of the Customer

Leveraging the same underlying patent-pending technology as AutoLearn, VirtuOz has created a new application that complements the VirtuOz Virtual Agent Solution called VirtuOz Voice of the Customer. This externally-focused application takes customer interactions from multiple data sources, and not only groups these interactions by user intent, but it monitors trends occurring in these conversations. Thus, companies can see which customer topics of conversations are trending up or down or are appearing for the first time. This grants organizations unprecedented insight into the issues, topics and questions that are top of mind of their customers in real time from the actual conversations of customers. This insight enables organizations to react more swiftly to customer issues and take advantage of trends customers are interested in.

Intelligent Personalized Co-Browsing

The VirtuOz solution has long had the ability to take customers to specific web pages according to their unique needs. This co-browsing ability enables the VirtuOz virtual agent not only to tell a customer how to do something but also take them to a specific place where they can take action or learn more. 

In the Rapid Adapt release of VirtuOz, co-browsing is taken to the next level with new perceptive abilities. With perceptive co-browsing the VirtuOz virtual agent can bring up a web page for a customer and change its behavior based on information it finds on that page. 

In a simple scenario, the virtual agent could highlight a part of a web page, such as an order number, account balance, or button the user needs to click on. In more sophisticated scenarios, the virtual agent may change the conversation based on what is found on the web page. This creates a much more personalized experience for customers. From a technical perspective, the virtual agent can personalize the user's experience without integrating with a backend system -- which can speed up implementation and have less impact from a security standpoint.

Many Other Improvements

VirtuOz Rapid Adapt has many other improvements designed to enhance the value it provides customers and increase the speed at which companies can react to customer needs with the VirtuOz Virtual Agent. Here is a partial list of these additional features:

  • New conversation review ability for gathering and organizing feedback on agent performance
  • New dashboard showing specific key performance indicators (KPIs):
    • Metrics spotlighting agent ROI
    • Agent performance by topic/category
    • Top customer requests and answers
    • Trend metrics over time (customizable by user)
  • New data export capabilities that enable all VirtuOz reports to be integrated with external reporting systems
  • Automatic vocabulary upgrading for easily increasing the number of words virtual agents understand when interacting with customers
  • Improved content authoring

About VirtuOz

VirtuOz was founded in 2002 and offers next generation advanced computing and linguistic virtual agent solutions that enable enterprises to assist their customers in an automated fashion. This results in not only a superior user experience and greater customer satisfaction, but it also reduces the number of issues submitted to a company's support/sales staff. With over 40 clients worldwide, such as eBay, SFR, H&R Block, and L'Oreal, VirtuOz is the leading provider of virtual agents for the Fortune 1000.

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