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June 11, 2007 10:46 ET

Virtual Doorman™ Redefines the Role of the Doorman; Helps NYC Property Owners Boost Security and Property Value

Convenient and Creative Surveillance Technology Now Available for Luxury Residential Buildings in the New York Metro and Tri-State Area

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 11, 2007) - Virtual Service today announced it is reshaping the role of the traditional doorman with the launch of the latest version of its flagship product, Virtual Doorman™, which provides a cost-effective, convenient and secure alternative for residences seeking an alternative to around-the-clock security or doormen. Now, regardless of address or size of building, developers can install Virtual Doorman to maintain heightened security in a building at a fraction of the cost of employing a concierge or doorman. In addition, Virtual Doorman provides tenants of these buildings with the luxury and convenience of a doorman as well as the assurance of 24x7 monitoring of their property.

According to union figures and recent reports in the New York Times, a building typically spends and average of $80,000 per year per doorman in wages, overtime and benefits. Given that typically a building employs four to six doormen, working three daily shifts on weekends and weekdays, that translates to between $275,000 and $400,000 per year. Virtual Doorman costs only 15-20% of that cost, making it an excellent investment. It is an ideal solution for developers and property managers of smaller luxury apartment buildings, new complexes or multi-family homes with 4-60 units who wish to offer a high level of convenience and security to their tenants, without pricing them out of the market.

"Virtual Doorman has changed how we integrate and market security and concierge features in our buildings," said Ross Berman, a partner with Citiwise, LLC. "It was remarkably easy to install and has given us an edge over other buildings. We no longer have to pass the extra hundreds or thousand plus dollars to our tenants to maintain a doorman, and can still offer them the same -- if not better -- level of security and attention. Our tenants love it. As busy professionals, they not only appreciate the convenience of having Virtual Doorman, but also the relief of having some anonymity and no holiday tipping expenses."

How Virtual Doorman Works

The beauty of Virtual Doorman™ lies in that it is a complete and customizable service, offering visitor and package reception service, security and building management rolled into one system. At the building, a "virtual attendant" uses a series of well-positioned surveillance cameras and Web-based technologies to efficiently interface with visitors, residents and package delivery services. Virtual Doorman also helps tenants with day-to-day tasks such as unlocking their doors if they have forgotten keys, letting pre-approved guests into their apartments if they are away, and accepting delivery of packages or dry cleaning.

"Virtual Doorman offers the New York Metro and Tri-State area a unique solution. It brings convenience, security and peace of mind for tenants, and enhanced property value and prestige for building owners. These are real competitive advantages in New York's ultra-aggressive real-estate market. It's a win-win package for building owners, realtors, and tenants," said Colin Foster, vice president of sales and marketing for Virtual Doorman.

System Features

Virtual Doorman provides three main features in its overall package: Building Access Control, Interactive Video Surveillance and Visitor Management.

Building Access Control ensures that only authorized tenants and their guests can enter; it acts as an additional safeguard by denying entry to intruders and providing a time record of authorized entries. Video Surveillance uses a variety of strategically placed indoor and outdoor cameras to deliver high-resolution images and video footage which can easily be retrieved if needed. Videoconferencing technology is integrated to offer additional functionality and two-way video. Visitor Management is a sophisticated Web-based system that provides customized access to visitors and delivery personnel. The system automatically manages entry, drop off, and tenant notification of package delivery and other services.

Virtual Doorman uses a secure internet connection and integrated digital CCTV, cameras, intercom devices, monitoring equipment and access control systems. These elements are integrated into one secure, streamlined platform that is operated remotely by the Virtual Doorman operators; residential properties are monitored continuously to ensure controlled access to the premises and the utmost in security.

In the future, the company plans to broaden its geographic reach to areas in the Northeast and eventually nationwide through its dealer network. The company also plans to expand its scope to market Virtual Doorman to office buildings, college dormitories and/or smaller, luxury gated communities.

About Virtual Doorman

Virtual Doorman, developed by New York-based Virtual Service, is a unique system that is designed to provide buildings with a cost-effective alternative to a traditional doorman or concierge. The package offers luxury residential buildings and private residences the increased convenience, heightened security and peace of mind of a doorman without the added costs associated with a full-time doorman.

Virtual Doorman's clients include such prestigious organizations as Shawmut Design & Construction, Douglas Elliman Property Management and North Manhattan Construction. Virtual Service primarily markets Virtual Doorman within the New York Metro and Tri-State Area. The company is headquartered at 104 West 40th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY and can be reached at 212-400-6000, via email at or on the web at

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