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Vision Critical

March 25, 2010 08:00 ET

Vision Critical Doubles Investment in Technology

Company focuses on product development and ramps up staff and operations for multiple launches in 2010

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 25, 2010) - Interactive research and technology company Vision Critical announces an aggressive year of new product launches and plans to double its investment in technology for 2010. The company's focus on continuous product improvement and innovation includes releasing five new products – IdeaScreenPlus, ShelfsetPlus, ReactionPlus, SatisfactionPlus and Firefly Surveys, hiring another 55 product related employees and further enhancing Sparq, the market-leading research platform for online community panels.

"This is absolutely a game changing year for us," says Jason Smith, Vision Critical's President of Product Innovation. "While others are retrenching and reducing R&D spending, we are doubling our technology investment and releasing more products and features this year than any other time in our history. All products have been designed to leverage customer-centric community panels or market-based national panels, to provide clients with a full spectrum of options."

The five new products will be launched consecutively, with new features for each of those products released every month - in keeping with an agile development approach and the company's mission to keep clients ahead of the research technology curve. The new innovations are designed to save time and money and meet business needs that include screening ideas faster, pinpointing emotional responses in videos and enabling multiple parties to collaboratively design, edit and launch surveys.

IdeaScreenPlus, due out in April, will provide clients with a quick and continuous approach to testing early stage ideas. It's designed to optimize the likelihood of a winning product by screening ideas at unrivaled speed and dramatically reducing concept development costs.

ShelfsetPlus will enable clients to test products, packages and shopper marketing in virtual online retail and restaurant environments. Results will be available in weeks – and for less than what it previously cost to build, as this former custom-only product is now a standard offering.

ReactionPlus, due out in May, will enable users to test the emotional reactions of consumers during precise points throughout video presentations, such as ads, TV pilots and movie trailers.

Firefly Surveys, due to launch in June, is a collaborative, ad-hoc survey tool designed for the enterprise researcher. It's expected to be the most responsive and intuitive web-based survey and reporting tool on the market.

SatisfactionPlus, set for release in July, is an all-in-one satisfaction measurement tool that combines data collection with interactive reporting to enable researchers to share relevant, real-time customer and employee satisfaction results with non-market research stakeholders.

Vision Critical's new products and features are created and developed in the company's Vancouver headquarters and are shaped by its unique structure: one part technology company; one part research company. The investment in product innovation is spurred on by a dedication to interactive technologies that are improving the cost effectiveness of research and enabling companies to engage with consumers and generate better insights, faster.

Last month, Vision Critical revealed it had increased revenue in 2009 by 50% over the previous year, with an additional 50% growth expected in 2010. The company has grown an average 100% per year, over the last five years, and hired 109 new employees in 2009, alone.

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Vision Critical is a strategic interactive research company combining technology, researchers and global panels. We help companies reduce research costs while generating engaging and insightful relationships with consumers. Vision Critical uses a visual approach, panel technology and our own global panels to embrace markets with the click of a mouse. The company has offices across North America, Europe and Australia and a Global Partner Program that provides other research companies and consultants with access to our technology.

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