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December 15, 2009 08:00 ET

Vision Critical Improves Virtual Shopping Product

ShelfsetPlus enables clients to field complex virtual shopping exercises for less time and money while increasing respondent engagement with improved look and feel

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Dec. 15, 2009) -

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Vision Critical(R) announces the product launch of ShelfsetPlus - an overhaul to the company's virtual shopper technology. Previously available only as a custom application, ShelfsetPlus will now be offered as a standardized visualization tool for product, category and shopper marketing. That means more options and faster execution - with complex virtual shopping projects ready in days, rather than weeks.

ShelfsetPlus is a combination of two components: interactive fly-throughs and shelfset exercises. Standardized fly-throughs - which enable shoppers to visually feel like they are entering and moving around in a store - are now available across 10 different retail environments: from big box chains to convenience stores to restaurants. Every fly-through can be enhanced with clickmaps, hot spots and advertising signage as you lead the respondent to the shelf, or point of purchase.

Shelfset purchase exercises have been enhanced with couponing, 2-for-1 and other discounting options, multi-sided 2D or 3D product inspection, and a pervasive shopping cart that remains visible to the shopper throughout her journey. Findability of specific items and product sorting exercises are also available as alternatives or additions to a purchase exercise. Participants can zoom in and out, read product labels, compare prices, buy items or return them to the shelf. A new, easy-to-use interface enables respondents to move around the aisles and add items to their cart without explicit written instructions, reducing survey length and visual clutter. All data is collected and integrated into Sparq - Vision Critical's market-leading online research platform.

"ShelfsetPlus users can evaluate how brand, packaging, product descriptions, size, placement, and price impact buying decisions," says Jason Smith, Vision Critical's President of Product Innovation. "By productizing one of our most successful custom applications, more companies can incorporate virtual shopping technology in their research projects, adding engaging and data-rich experiences that were previously too expensive or too time-consuming to implement. ShelfsetPlus moves us one step closer to making research more engaging for respondents the world over."

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Vision Critical is a strategic interactive research company combining interactive technology, strategic researchers and global panels. We help companies reduce research costs while generating engaging and insightful relationships with consumers. Vision Critical uses a visual approach, panel technology and our own national panels to embrace markets with the click of a mouse. The company has offices across North America, Europe and Australia and a Global Partner Program that provides other research companies and consultants with access to our technology.

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