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Vision Critical

April 29, 2010 08:00 ET

Vision Critical Launches IdeaScreenPlus for Testing Early Stage Ideas

Company Offers Businesses a Dynamic New Online Research Tool for Streamlining the Screening Process of New Product Ideas

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 29, 2010) - Interactive research and technology company Vision Critical announces the release of IdeaScreenPlus(TM) – an online research tool that enables clients to filter out good from bad product ideas before developing them further. Clients can bring the best business ideas to market quicker because IdeaScreenPlus automates iterative testing and collects respondent feedback in days, instead of weeks, without sacrificing data quality.

"Whether a client has 5 ideas or 500, IdeaScreenPlus compresses the innovation cycle and delivers actionable insights," says Jason Smith, Vision Critical's President of Product Innovation. "It's a smarter, faster way to test ideas and get the right products to market – and we're really excited about what this means for the market research world."

A realm of new possibilities for the idea screening process

IdeaScreenPlus is a shift in the way new ideas are usually tested. Instead of creating and testing hundreds of ideas at once, on an annual or semi-annual basis, researchers can afford to continually field new ideas, including non-product items, such as coupons, signage and limited time offers. For example, testing two coupons to identify which returns a better result on purchase intent could help optimize a company's promotions. It could also be used to test a competitors' idea, to find out whether or not it's worth responding with a competing product or service.

"We had some of the world's best researchers architect this product," says Smith. "They've removed the repetitive steps from what should be a streamlined idea screening process."

Tapping into consumer insights

IdeaScreenPlus is available as a self-service, supported or full-service research product – from survey creation to research consultation, which can add deeper insights to refining and polishing concepts. It can be used with a client's community panel, for direct feedback from a businesses' customers, or can be incorporated with Vision Critical's Global Panels – for feedback from a screened regional, national or multiple-country sample of tens of thousands of consumers in the US, UK and Canada.

All samples incorporate the company's visual question tools that engage respondents and deliver rich insights on measurements that include uniqueness, purchase intent and likeability. This process allows clients to not only quickly identify which ideas are duds and which are worth pursuing further, but also help pinpoint an idea's strengths and weaknesses – and how to improve it.

IdeaScreenPlus is the latest innovation to be released by Vision Critical – a world leader in global online panel research and technology. The company's continuous focus on product improvement and innovation includes a number of revolutionary new products in the pipeline for 2010 – including Firefly Surveys, the world's first completely collaborative online survey tool, designed by researchers for researchers.

About Vision Critical®

Vision Critical is a strategic interactive research company combining technology, researchers and global panels. We help companies reduce research costs while generating engaging and insightful relationships with consumers. Vision Critical uses a visual approach, panel technology and our own global panels to embrace markets with the click of a mouse. The company has offices across North America, Europe and Australia and a Global Partner Program that provides other research companies and consultants with access to our technology.

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