November 22, 2007 02:03 ET

Vision POS Commits to Supporting the Future of Point of Sale Technology

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - November 22, 2007) - Vision POS has long prided themselves on being the nation's leading supplier of products and services that support the point of sale marketplace. While Vision POS currently focuses on traditional POS systems, including IBM point of sale equipment, part of being the leader is looking towards the future and preparing for shifts in the market before they occur. Vision POS is doing just that, offering assistance for newer technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and such cutting-edge technologies as biometrics.

RFID boasts higher data capacity and does not have to be physically scanned like a traditional barcode. Instead, a radio wave is used to read the data on the RFID transmitter -- unlike a barcode that must be physically read by a barcode reader. RFID also carries an added advantage over traditional barcodes in that an RFID transmitter can be embedded within packages.

Will RFID dominate the point of sale market in the coming years? A 2006 report by IDTechX thinks so. The report predicts sales of RFID systems worldwide will grow from about $550 million to $6.78 billion during the next decade. Growth will be led by disposable RFID sensors, such as smart active labels, as well as real time locating systems.

For an industry that has come from simple crank- or lever-operated cash registers to the cusp of technologies like biometrics, it's incredibly hard to keep up. Though RFID seems to be taking hold, biometrics may be the next big thing, where identification is done with a simple touch of a finger. Fingerprint readers can identify the person pressing the reader -- and even log them into a system. It only takes a little while to think about the gains in efficiency, security, and accuracy to realize that biometrics holds vast potential for the point of sale industry.

For now, Vision POS will continue to focus on its traditional POS systems, including Fujitsu point of sale and IBM point of sale equipment. However, the new technologies like RFID may well take the market over in only a matter of years. What's next after RFID and biometrics? It is hard to tell, but Vision POS will be there when it comes.

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