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October 26, 2009 12:58 ET

VisionMonitor Software Unveils Real-Time Environmental Performance Solutions

New Solutions Enable Organizations to Utilize Environmental Data to Improve Operational Performance

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - October 26, 2009) - VisionMonitor Software, a leader and innovator in environmental risk management solutions, is today announcing a new suite of real-time environmental performance solutions. Designed to meet the needs of the most data-intensive operating environments, VisionMonitor's Real-Time Environmental Performance solutions utilize the latest iteration of Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint and SQL Server for optimizing operational efficiencies while assuring corporate environmental risk management. VisionMonitor Real-Time Environmental Performance Solutions also enable organizations to track and manage allowances, renewable energy credits, offsets, reduction targets, and trades in order to effectively predict future performance and derive as much value as possible from environmental assets, both now and in the future.

With today's combined focus on improving Environmental Compliance and maximizing Operational Efficiencies, companies must manage an increasing number of requirements by state and federal agencies, internal audit teams, and customers. These directives are often difficult to implement, and manual procedures are inefficient in providing the tools needed to manage long-term regulatory and policy requirements with sustainable compliance risk management.

VisionMonitor Real-Time Environmental Performance Solutions automate the process of emissions data collection, management and reporting and addresses a large number of vital performance and compliance issues, such as creating the necessary documentation for your strategic emissions plan and providing internal and third-party organizations with an audit trail of how your emissions and assets are performing. VisionMonitor's Real-Time Environmental Performance Solutions also provide powerful tools for inventory management planning, emissions inventories, strategic planning, and broadly scalable data integration to assure maximum environmental performance.

The VisionMonitor real-time environmental risk management software platform enables enterprise-wide delivery and communication of compliance information that empowers employees with the ability to make quicker and more knowledgeable decisions. Data is automatically collected, aggregated from disparate data sources across the enterprise, logically grouped and then personalized and delivered enabling optimized analysis. The web-based solutions enable compliance management, operations management and strategic planning related to enterprise-wide environmental risk. VisionMonitor's Real-Time Environmental Performance Solutions, built using Microsoft's .Net, Sharepoint Server, AJAX, Silverlight and Microsoft Virtual Earth technologies, brings users a familiar software experience, making it the smartest solution for businesses to deploy for their environmental risk management.

"We have seen most of the refining, oil and gas, utility, and chemical companies standardize on Microsoft products because they are proven across the board. Microsoft technologies also give us an edge over our competition enabling us to quickly bring application solutions to market. Additionally, our implementation methodology combined with the .NET framework enables rapid customer implementations," says David Pierce, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, VisionMonitor Software.

The new VisionMonitor Real-Time Environmental Performance Solutions also bring together enhancements balanced to provide clients with a scalable platform that is adaptable to changing business and regulatory landscapes with best of breed technology features.

"I've always used VisionMonitor because it was one integrated program that worked with SQL Server and it had a smaller software footprint than other solutions," Dr. Bruce Pollard, independent environmental consultant, said. "I also foresee VisionMonitor being a big help in managing upcoming 'cap and trade' programs that may require companies to pay for releasing carbon into the atmosphere. Other companies are scrambling to meet these requirements, but companies that are using VisionMonitor are all set. They got there early, quickly, and easily, which gives them a head start in meeting all future requirements."

VisionMonitor's Real-Time Environmental Performance Solutions will be available for general release in Q4 2009.

About VisionMonitor Software:

VisionMonitor Software ( is a leader in the real-time environmental performance and risk management space, a rapidly growing area within greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and compliance management. VisionMonitor is also a recognized innovator in the field of environmental management information systems (EMIS), having developed the first EMIS to utilize .Net, offer a web portal presentation interface, and offer data management capabilities. Founded in 2001, VisionMonitor Software is privately held and based in Houston, TX.

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