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January 15, 2008 08:00 ET

Visual Numerics Releases Updated IMSL C# and JMSL Numerical Libraries With Enhanced Quantitative Analysis and Visualization Capabilities

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - January 15, 2008) - To satisfy growing customer demand for numerical application development technologies for .NET and Java, and for advanced charting and graph visualization, Visual Numerics, Inc., a 37-year producer of advanced numerical analysis and visualization software, today announced the availability of the IMSL® C# Numerical Library version 5.0 and JMSL™ Numerical Library for Java™ Applications version 5.0. These libraries now include enhanced algorithms for better performance, as well as new process control chart capabilities. The combination of these features is optimal for companies that are developing analytical applications in .NET and Java, and require highly accurate algorithms for quantitative analysis such as predictive modeling and quality control.

"We incorporated the IMSL C# Library and its data analysis and optimization functions into our SigmaWorks product to create a competitive advantage in the quality management marketplace," said Scott Patrias, Software Development Manager for NextSigma, Inc., a Colorado-based software company specializing in state-of-the-art software tools for use in the Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Lean Sigma and quality improvement markets. "As a result of using IMSL C# Library, we accelerated our development time by not having to build the algorithms and functionality from the ground up, and we've reduced the overhead involved with maintaining such a large amount of source code."

New features of IMSL C# 5.0 and JMSL 5.0 include:

--  Enhanced Performance -- Both IMSL C# Library 5.0 and JMSL Library 5.0
    now offer users more options to help their numerical applications perform
    faster. IMSL C# Library programmers can use a version of the library that
    directly embeds the Intel Math Kernel Library, which results in improved
    application performance for many tasks including linear algebra and matrix
    multiply functions. The JMSL Library algorithms now take advantage of new
    Java features that improve performance, especially in function areas like
    Fast Fourier Transform algorithms and matrix multiplication
--  Process Control Charts -- More visualization options for different
    applications including 13 new classes of process control charts, which are
    useful for any field requiring quantitative analysis including quality
    control, environmental or life sciences
--  Sparse Linear Function -- An algorithm that efficiently solves the
    sparse matrix problems common in application areas like engineering and
    financial modeling
--  New 2D Spline Function -- An algorithm that helps with the computation
    of curves, which are commonly used in science, biomechanics and business

"We've seen a growing trend amongst our customers and partners who want to embed advanced analytical components into their applications to speed time to market, and who require numerical consistency across multiple languages and platforms," said Sean FitzGerald, Vice President of Technology and Consulting. "With our native IMSL C# and JMSL Numerical Libraries, we're providing highly accurate, tested algorithms to companies and software developers who cannot afford to offer their customers anything less than the best predictive and quantitative analysis solutions."

About The IMSL® C# Numerical Library for Microsoft® .NET Applications

The IMSL C# Numerical Library, which is written in 100% Visual C# .NET, is designed to make programming easier and faster, provides fully managed code, and ensures that programs written today will stay compliant and remain compatible with future applications. The IMSL C# Library also contains powerful algorithms that are the backbone of common analytics, such as profit maximization, product design optimization, supply chain efficiency optimization, and demand forecasting. With the use of the IMSL C# Numerical Library, applications built on the Microsoft .NET Framework can provide more powerful business analytics than ever before.

About The JMSL™ Numerical Library for Java™ Application

The JMSL Library is the broadest collection of mathematical, statistical, financial, data mining and charting classes available in 100% Java. It is the only solution for Java programmers, which combines integrated charting capabilities with the reliable mathematical and statistical functionality of the industry-leading IMSL™ Numerical Library algorithms. The JMSL Library is platform independent, which makes it easy to embed in existing, standalone or networked applications. Additionally, the solution requires shorter development cycles than custom-created or home-grown systems and can offer companies cost and time savings of up to 95%.

Pricing and Availability

The IMSL C# Numerical Library 5.0 and the JMSL Numerical Library for Java 5.0 are both available immediately. The IMSL C# Library starts at $995 for a node-locked development seat and the JMSL Library starts at $2895 for a floating development seat.

About Visual Numerics, Inc.

Visual Numerics has provided technical software solutions for numerical analysis and visualization for more than three decades. The company's software products help users understand complex data from a variety of sources and build business-critical applications. Visual Numerics offers two product lines: the IMSL® Numerical Libraries for powerful mathematical and statistical analysis and the PV-WAVE® visual data analysis development environment. Visual Numerics also offers consulting services for applications that involve mathematical, statistical, or visual data analysis to meet today's business analytical needs.

Major corporations, academic institutions, and research laboratories worldwide use Visual Numerics' software tools, including such high profile companies as: SAP; Teradata; Bear, Stearns & Company; Barclays Global Investors;; Humana, Sandia National Laboratories; and Boeing Company. This large and diverse customer base is supported through a direct sales force, wholly owned international subsidiaries, and international distributors. For more information about Visual Numerics, please visit

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