Vitalogs Inc.

Vitalogs Inc.

October 02, 2007 10:30 ET

'Vitalogs' to be the Premier Provider of Personal Health Record Access in Canada

Vitalogs Inc. to provide Canadians with free, secure, online access to health records

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 2, 2007) -

Attention: Health Editors and General

Vitalogs Inc. announces the launch of its flagship product, Vitalogs - an innovative new service that allows Canadians to conveniently access their medical records securely over the Internet. Vitalogs is the first nationwide provider of personal health record access across Canada, offering members 24/7 access to their medical information from the comfort of their own home, and everywhere else in the world. It is available at: And the basic service is free to all Canadians.

Personal health records (PHRs) have been gaining popularity as Canadians seek to become more actively involved in the management of their personal care. The benefits are countless, as PHRs allow patients to better monitor and understand their medical status, archive personal health information, and easily manage the information of loved ones. PHRs also provide electronic backups of important medical documents, and facilitate medical treatment during emergency situations, and when traveling abroad.

The benefits of PHRs have become increasingly significant in light of recommendations made by the influential Kirby and Romonow committees (2002), which critically assessed the long-term sustainability of the Canadian healthcare system. The implementation of PHRs and greater patient involvement were among the most crucial reforms mandated by these reports. The Canadian government has planned to address these recommendations from an institutional standpoint, but, in response to overwhelming public demand, Vitalogs has deployed its new service as a critical first step towards a patient-driven Canadian healthcare approach.

"Canadians are ready to play a more active role in their healthcare", says Mario Voltolina, President of Vitalogs Inc. "At present, Canadians often feel overwhelmed by the complexities of a burdened healthcare system. Vitalogs strives to improve the Canadian healthcare experience by putting more control in the hands of informed patients. Canadians will better understand their personal care --- and better understanding leads to better health".

Amidst growing concerns of Internet security, Vitalogs has developed powerful safeguards to ensure the continued confidentiality of member information. Privacy and security are paramount.

Vitalogs is available today for English speaking Canadians, with a French version to follow in early 2008.

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Vitalogs strives to improve the Canadian healthcare experience. A privately owned Canadian company, Vitalogs Inc. provides information technology (IT) solutions for healthcare organizations dedicated to the betterment of patient care. With its flagship service, Vitalogs has become the first free nationwide provider of personal health record access in Canada. For more information, please visit:

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