November 18, 2009 18:11 ET

Vix ERG Wins Sesame for eO

CONCORD, CA--(Marketwire - November 18, 2009) - At the Cartes 2009 Sesames Awards Ceremony in Paris yesterday, Vix ERG was announced as the winner of the prestigious Sesame Award in the category of Transportation. The award was in recognition of eO -- Vix ERG's easy, open fare payment system -- as deployed in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Utah Transit Authority (UTA).

"This prestigious award vindicates the bold vision of Vix ERG and our partner, UTA, in bringing contactless open payment solutions to public transit, including the use of bank issued credit cards," said Steve Gallagher, Managing Director of Vix ERG. "Our eO solution deployed in UTA, together with our current pilot in Liverpool with Stagecoach and Mastercard, demonstrate our clear leadership in this new application. We will shortly release our EMV certified validators in EMEA where we are currently working on a number of opportunities with transit operators."

"Winning the Sesame at Cartes puts open payments for transit and Vix ERG's eO platform on the world stage. This recognition will continue to advance the movement to customer-centric payment options for public transportation services," said Greg Garback, former Chair of the Board of the Smart Card Alliance and transit industry consultant.

In January 2009, UTA launched eO on more than 500 buses and 35 train platforms serving the greater Salt Lake City area. In developing eO (shorthand for "easy and open"), Vix ERG has leveraged the latest advances in "contactless" card technology to enable riders to pay their fares not only with cards issued by the UTA, but also with student and employee ID cards and bank-issued credit cards.

Michael Cook, vice president of open payment systems at Vix ERG, remarked, "eO can make any transit system easier for riders to use. They board simply by tapping their card to a validator on a bus or train platform, then tap again to exit. No one has to hold up the line while they search their pockets or purse for the fare. They don't even have to wonder how much the fare is."

Michael Cook concluded, "eO is a success with UTA and its riders. That's a clear indicator that contactless, open-payment systems are the direction in which fare payments is heading."

About Vix ERG

Vix ERG is an Australian-based company and a member of the Vix Technology Group of companies. The company is a global player in the Automated Fare Collection and Payments industry in transit.

Vix ERG has delivered solutions in over 200 cities or regions in 25 countries around the world including Melbourne, Oslo, Seattle, Stockholm, Salt Lake City, Sydney, Las Vegas, Aberdeen, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Brussels and Gothenburg and most recently the Automated Central Clearinghouse in Beijing -- a system designed to process 40 million transactions per day across 28 rail operators.

Vix ERG has offices and agencies in 15 cities around the world, employing over 600 people.

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About eO

eO is a hosted fare collection system designed by Vix ERG to enable transit agencies to electronically collect fares from riders in a more affordable, secure, and open manner than proprietary smartcard fare collection systems.

eO is in operation in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Utah Transit Authority.

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