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December 20, 2007 13:31 ET

Viyya Technologies, Inc. and Virtual Ed Link, Inc.: Dividend Announcement and Growth and Profitability in 2008

FAIRFIELD, NJ--(Marketwire - December 20, 2007) - Viyya Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VYON), developer and marketer of the world's most advanced, web-based information management application, announced its end of year and 2008 growth and profitability benchmarks, as its marketing strategies and core technology gain clients and strategic partnerships.

At the close of business on December 21, 2007, all Viyya shareholders of record -- meaning any individual, investor group, etc. that own Viyya shares at the close of business on December 21st, will be receiving four shares of Virtual Ed Link, Inc. (VELI) stock for every single share of Viyya stock. This process is a seamless one requiring no action by shareholders. Viyya and VELI management have indicated that they are very excited to know that Viyya shareholders, who have demonstrated outstanding support for the Company during its formative years, will be the same shareholders in place to grow with the accomplishments and prospects represented by VELI. It is with this shareholder and investor confidence that both management teams proceed into 2008 complete with market-ready software platform products, a growing client base, and revenue generating customers.

Viyya management remains committed to be as informative and accessible to its shareholders as possible during this transition, and is suggesting that any questions should be addressed to Joe Forese at The Company is committed to providing a response within a twenty-four hour business day timeframe.

Viyya shareholders will soon be provided with the SEC-approved stock symbol for VELI at which time the total number of VELI authorized and outstanding shares will be identified. The company is working to update all disclosures required to be published on the Pinksheets exchange ( As many shareholders already know, the VELI dividend shares as dictated by Securities Law under the 144 Rule, will carry a restricted label for one year. Viyya shares are not restricted, and VELI shares purchased directly on the open market are not restricted. These VELI dividend shares will be distributed to Viyya shareholders of record during January 2008 and every Viyya shareholder of record benefits from this dividend by virtue of the VELI price per share multiplied by the total dividend shares offered.

John Bay, Viyya CEO, states, "This is an exciting time for all of us. We're confident in the strategic direction that we've taken in partnering with The Atlantic Companies to form VELI. Since making this decision, a number of significant events have occurred for Viyya and VELI including the contract provider market deployment of the VIYYA™ product suite as well as the School Safety Management System (SSMS™), the engaging of distribution channels such as The Clements Group for US community colleges, and key strategic system integration partners such as mPortal in the ISP and content provider markets and L. Robert Kimball and Associates in the commercial and security sectors. And, of course, most important to all of us, and the companies, are the new and pending client contracts that are beginning to produce revenue."

Bay also pointed out that everyone should understand that Viyya and VELI require additional working capital to meet the demands of aggressive marketing campaigns that have landed the new customers and helped to launch into new markets. Therefore, as part of the 2008 business plan, Viyya and VELI are currently reviewing capital formation options in the plan to raise capital. Some of the details of this component are still being finalized but Company officials forecast the need for a minimum of $500,000, which will be sought from institutional investors with long-term interest in both Companies.

Finally, Bay addressed, "As more news becomes available that we are able to share with our investors, shareholders, and the public, we will readily do so. There are a number of key initiatives already underway by both Companies that simply cannot be discussed at this time. However, I can assure everyone, that as the founder of this business, there has never been a time since the Company was started that I have ever had this level of confidence in our abilities to meet every core user requirement in the online information management space and particularly in the arena of security measures and disaster preparedness across vertical markets that we've identified previously."

In the most recent announcements of new Viyya relationships, there is complete agreement in the VIYYA™ platform and the SSMS™ applications that operational organizations and their respective community of end-users will greatly benefit from the revolutionary solutions that Viyya and VELI will be deploying. In this regard, Bay highlighted that senior executives having viewed the products exalted with comments such as the "ULTIMATE content customization product" and "Now we have the capability to truly inform people quickly and efficiently with critical data in a completely revolutionary manner."

According to Bay, "Whether it's Verizon, AT&T, Disney, AOL, Comcast, the government, public school districts, colleges, or corporations, the use of the VIYYA™ platform will be the key ingredient in deploying SSMS™ or any other similar application across the targeted markets. Our business models and products provide for multiple revenue streams, and we have many ways to generate revenue, and we will be doing exactly that in 2008."

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Viyya Technologies (PINKSHEETS: VYON) is the developer and marketer of the world's most advanced, web-based information management application. Viyya's proprietary XScipt extraction engine, used in conjunction with RSS feeds and today's popular search engines from NASDAQ listed Google, Yahoo, MSN, and NYSE listed AOL, and others, provides Viyya users with a level of information management not available from other vendors.

The company's core technology manages disparate information from the Internet, corporate intranets, databases, newsgroups, email, and third-party feeds by enabling users to customize the way they collect, process, distribute and store data. VIYYA™ gives users the ability to retrieve filtered content from many sources, determine the relevancy of the information, and have the information processed into notifications, daily reminders, newspapers, or archived for future use. For additional company information, please visit

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