April 14, 2010 09:52 ET

Vloop Beta Launches to Empower Television Audiences by Connecting Them to Broadcasters, Service Providers and Content Producers

New Company Creates Service for Interacting Through Television, Internet and Mobile to Enable Brand Engagement, Improve Content and Viewer Experience, and Advance Quality of Service

MANSFIELD, MA--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -  The way people watch and interact with video is about to change. According to In-Stat, 65 million Americans of all ages use their PCs while watching television. Media executives have also seen the trend, but have been struggling to create proprietary services to bridge this gap. For the first time, the new company Vloop is unveiling its patent-pending technology for directly connecting providers, broadcasters, producers and advertisers with a live viewing audience. This will result in better brand engagement, improved programming content, and advanced quality of service and experience. 

Whether it's through the Internet, mobile devices or televisions, including hybrid broadband and broadcast enabled devices, Vloop helps providers engage directly with viewers about their viewing experiences and gather behavioral data based on viewer-to-viewer conversations about programming. Using Vloop's enhanced program listings, viewers are able to find out not only what's on television, but also what shows are getting the most positive feedback.

"Today, providers delivering content across three screens are unable to tell how the video is performing and its impact on viewer experience, and current methods for brand engagement are time consuming and ad hoc at best," said Gerry Kaufhold, principal analyst, In-Stat. "Vloop's ability to combine quality of service data with actual viewer conversations about programming provides the next level of intelligence to providers. This type of technology is necessary to meet current viewer demands and is well positioned to help providers expand into future technology offerings."

Spearheaded by experts in digital video quality monitoring, Vloop's Web site and soon-to-be-available Apple® iPhone™ application enables viewers to speak directly to each other and providers about their experience, whether it's opinions about programming or the quality of its delivery. For example, content providers and producers can ask live questions that Vloop users can answer publicly, such as predictions during an award show or feedback to a popular show's story line. Viewers are also able to chat with each other about the programs they are currently watching, sharing their feedback instantly with each other, which can be accessed by providers. Since Vloop is available through the Internet, mobile devices, and hybrid broadband and broadcast televisions, providers are able to reach a range of audiences, observe conversations and even alter content to meet viewer demands. Vloop delivers viewer feedback efficiently and effectively to providers, eliminating the manual process of brand engagement via text, Web site polls or Twitter. 

Vloop also enables service providers to improve quality of service by allowing Vloop users to report issues with video delivery through the touch of a button or automatically across all three screens. As a result, providers can monitor and analyze the quality of its delivery in real time and troubleshoot issues immediately. For systematic improvements, providers can identify trends in experience and develop reports, including detailed analysis by geographic location and program. 

Advertisers can also benefit from Vloop technology by leveraging its platform for delivering interactive, multidimensional ads, which are targeted based on viewer conversations and feedback. 

"As more viewers watch programs across multiple screens and increasingly adopt cutting-edge devices like hybrid broadband and broadcast televisions, providers must find a way to deliver quality content that meets their demands," said Marc A. Todd, founder and CEO of Vloop. "Using Vloop, content and service providers greatly benefit by connecting directly with viewers about their experience and by asking them what they're watching and why. With that valuable information, providers can make informed business decisions that directly impact their ability to deliver exceptional quality of service and quality of experience."

Vloop is demonstrating its technology for the first time at NAB 2010, April 12-15 in Las Vegas. To see Vloop in action and learn more, visit booth #SU9506FF. For more details about how Vloop is used by consumers for social interaction, please visit

About Vloop
Vloop is the only business and social Web site dedicated to changing the way people watch and interact with video. With its patent-pending technology, Vloop connects viewers with content producers, service providers and broadcasters, as well as each other, to engage about what programs they are viewing, when and where. Vloop's unique ability to share video viewer experience data in a social setting helps content and service providers identify trends in viewing experience, deliver the content viewers demand and troubleshoot quality issues in real time.

Vloop is a subsidiary of IneoQuest, the global provider of advanced quality and service assurance solutions for both legacy video network delivery and leading-edge offerings like switched digital video (SDV), IPTV and video on demand (VOD). See what people are watching and learn more about the Company by visiting

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