August 02, 2006 11:55 ET

VoIP Application Security Significantly Increased Through Bundling of visionGATEWAY's INTERScepter Solution and Saturn IQ's Encryption and Protection Technology

MILTON KEYNES, UK -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 2, 2006 -- A unique combination of Internet Resource Management, secure delivery of media, messages and VoIP, and cutting-edge protection technologies, has been made available today, as US-based visionGATEWAY and their new subsidiary, UK-based Saturn IQ, commenced joint sales operations.

visionGATEWAY, Inc. (OTCBB: VGWA), a global company whose software products power Next Generation Networks (NGNs), is in the process of completing the acquisition of Saturn IQ, a manufacturer of advanced encryption and protection technology, after which Saturn IQ will become a wholly owned subsidiary of visionGATEWAY. The acquisition brings to visionGATEWAY not only Saturn IQ's innovative protection technology and products, but also a portfolio of revenue generating clients. It is predicted that the immediate sales opportunities can be converted to revenue of an estimated £500,000 over the next six months.

Saturn IQ has a totally new modular concept in protection technology comprising unique integrated encryption, digital rights management, and digital fingerprint technology. Saturn IQ's super fast encryption has demonstrated high strength streaming protection above 200 Mb/s on standard PCs and has immediate applications in the music, digital cinema film, video, and games distribution sectors. Additionally this encryption technology will be used in conjunction with INTERScepter's VoIP Module to further enhance the market's immediate requirement for Security within VoIP application software.

"This acquisition provides us with a truly unique offering to the market, but particularly the IT, telecoms, legal and publishing sectors," said Michael Emerson, CEO at visionGATEWAY. "We are delighted to be able to incorporate Saturn IQ's cutting edge information security technology to our own state-of-the-art, next generation offering, and are confident of capitalising on the company's significant, established client base."

"This is a great day for Saturn IQ," said CEO Ken Edmonds. "We have identified a number of immediate sales opportunities in conjunction with the team at visionGATEWAY and are confident that this joint offering will be a real success."

In the legal sector, the IQ Confidential solution has already gained significant market share and is already providing real business enhancements to existing clients. These clients have recognised the issues in lost productivity due to personal use of the internet at work, which in their case relates directly to loss of chargeable time and profitability. This issue can immediately be solved by the implementation of INTERScepter and significant benefits through productivity improvement can be achieved.

A UK publishing company uses the IQ Confidential solution to assist with security over transfer and collection of news stories from their reporters all over the globe. The ability for INTERScepter to control and manage all aspects of that company's internet usage and improve productivity adds significantly to the current solution and provides measurable benefits to this client's profitability.

Saturn will begin to work closely with their tier one ISP/hosting provider to position INTERScepter as providing very real improvements in employee productivity for their blue chip clients. This joint selling approach will also facilitate a channel to the SME market as well as Small Office/Home Office customers for their internet resource management needs.

About visionGATEWAY Inc.

visionGATEWAY, Inc. (OTCBB: VGWA) is a software development and distribution company with R&D groups in France and Australia, distribution in USA, Europe, Australia and China and existing customers in over 20 countries. The company provides an extensible platform of software components to power the 'Next Generation Network.' These components currently include:

--  Advanced Application Feature Server
--  Voice over IP
--  iPBX
--  IP Media Server for IPTV
--  Internet Resource Management & Control
--  Security & Protection Technology
A Next Generation Network (NGN) is the natural progression of the Internet from a simple file-sharing system to a means of delivering Triple Play (broadband, voice and media) applications. No other company yet offers a complete and comprehensive set of applications needed to build an NGN and also offers a set of value-added NGN applications to enterprise, business and residential customers.

About Saturn IQ

Saturn IQ has an established secure messaging product, IQ Confidential. IQ Confidential is a closed environment, secure email and file sharing application where all messages and documents are encrypted at all times. It does not use standard internet delivery protocols and therefore avoids all of the standard internet problems -- such as multiple copies left on email gateways, spam, viruses, spoofing and phishing. It is sold as a product or service depending on customer size and desired application. IQ Confidential has particular application as a Summit or Event based messaging and collaborative tool. Saturn has a development programme that will allow it to compete in markets such as Police, Health, Banking, Government and Military, which require very high security.

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