October 01, 2007 08:00 ET

Vontu Sets New Industry Standard for End-to-End Data Loss Prevention

Vontu DLP 8 Delivers Content-Aware Endpoint Prevention and Comprehensive Coverage for Data Discovery

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 1, 2007) - Vontu, Inc. today announced Vontu Data Loss Prevention 8, the industry's first integrated solution that combines endpoint and network-based technology to prevent the loss of confidential data wherever it is stored or used. New data discovery capabilities in Vontu DLP 8 enable organizations to locate stored data anywhere, automatically protect it and dispose of it when appropriate. The ability of Vontu DLP 8 to accurately detect data as it is used, copied or sent, both at the endpoint and on the network, provides the defense-in-depth required to prevent data loss. With these capabilities, Vontu DLP 8 enables security for the world of mobile workers, instant Internet access and global collaboration.

"Organizations everywhere now rely on high-speed networks and mobile computing to more easily share and access information. Unfortunately, this wide open world also presents new challenges for data protection," said Vontu CEO Joseph Ansanelli. "With Vontu DLP 8, we are extending our market leadership by providing a unified solution across both network and endpoint systems to help CIOs better understand where their sensitive information is stored, how it is used, and how best to prevent its loss."

Today's employees have access to large volumes of personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property and other sensitive data, which they can easily download to workstations, send via the Internet, or copy to removable or mobile devices. While traditional perimeter security solutions are designed to protect networks from outside attack, the risk of data loss caused by insiders is creating strong demand for Vontu solutions, which are designed to secure the data itself.

Vontu DLP 8 includes two endpoint products: Vontu Endpoint Discover, an agent-based product with the ability to scan local systems for confidential data, and Vontu Endpoint Prevent, which prevents users from copying such data to removable storage devices like iPods and USB drives. The prevention capability has been added to the existing Endpoint Monitor product, which has been renamed Endpoint Prevent. Both new endpoint products leverage the Vontu TrueMatch™ detection suite for deep content inspection. Vontu DLP 8 also provides the broadest coverage for data discovery and protection, adding the ability to find data stored in SharePoint, Documentum, Microsoft Exchange and other enterprise repositories, as well as new discovery deployment options for optimal scalability.

"We rely on Vontu to safeguard the personal information of our more than nine million health plan members," said Craig Shumard, senior vice president of information protection at CIGNA. "Whether confidential data is stored or in use, Vontu helps us enforce our information security policies and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and standards."

Endpoint DLP Products for both Discovery and Prevention

With Vontu DLP 8, the company introduces Vontu Endpoint Discover and Vontu Endpoint Prevent. Like all Vontu solutions, both Endpoint products leverage the centralized Vontu Enforce platform for policy management, remediation workflow, notification and compliance reporting.

--  Discovery of stored data -- Vontu Endpoint Discover enables high-
    performance, parallel scanning to identify confidential data stored on
    thousands of desktops and laptops, including offline machines and remote
    office systems, with minimal system impact.
--  Prevention at the endpoint -- Vontu Endpoint Prevent both monitors and
    prevents confidential data from being copied to storage devices such as USB
    drives, CD/DVDs, iPods and other removable media. Vontu Endpoint can
    prevent an engineer from copying confidential CAD diagrams to an iPod, or
    prevent a call center rep from inappropriately copying the customer
    database to a CD/DVD.
--  On-screen employee notification and justification -- Employees who
    violate data loss policies can automatically receive on-screen
    notifications advising them of the violations.  The employee is prompted to
    enter a justification, and this information can be tracked by information
    security to better understand business process issues and employee
    education needs.
--  Expanded threat coverage -- Vontu Endpoint Prevent can also monitor
    and prevent the inappropriate usage of confidential data, such as sending
    it via Web mail, IM, and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks or hiding it using

DLP Leadership for Data Discovery

Vontu DLP 8 allows organizations to "find and fix" exposed confidential data across the entire enterprise. With more FORTUNE 500 deployments than any other data discovery solution, Vontu helps companies address the challenges of compliance audits, e-discovery, data clean-up and data classification. The following new capabilities in Vontu DLP 8 extend the company's lead in data discovery:

-- Most comprehensive data repository coverage -- Vontu DLP 8 offers the
   industry's most comprehensive coverage of enterprise data repositories,
       -- File servers -- Windows, UNIX, CIFS, NFS, Novell, NAS filers
          and unshared file systems on Windows, AIX, Solaris, and Linux
       -- Document and email repositories -- Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus
          Notes, Documentum, LiveLink, and Microsoft Exchange
       -- Web sites -- employee intranets and partner extranets
       -- Relational databases -- Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQLServer
-- Scalable discovery architecture -- Vontu DLP 8 delivers three
   discovery approaches for optimal scalability:
       -- Agent-based scanning -- best for scanning laptops and desktops
          to enable simultaneous discovery on thousands of endpoints
       -- Distributed scanning -- best for scanning thousands of data
          repositories distributed across many regional offices
       -- Centralized scanning -- best for scanning massive, centralized
          repositories with millions of documents or database records
--  New data protection API -- Vontu DLP 8 enables organizations to
    automatically apply data protection policies through integration
    with data classification, storage tiering, archiving, data encryption
    and digital rights management (DRM) systems. The ability of Vontu
    DLP 8 to discover confidential data and automatically apply
    protections dramatically increases the value of a wide range of
    data protection systems, enabling customers to automatically
    protect terabytes of data without end-user involvement.

Availability and Pricing

Vontu DLP 8 will be generally available beginning in December 2007. Pricing starts at $25,000, and is based on the number of users and the products purchased. To learn more about Vontu DLP 8, register now for a webcast on October 25, 2007.

About Vontu

Vontu is the leading provider of Data Loss Prevention solutions that combine endpoint and network-based technology to accurately detect and automatically protect confidential data wherever it is stored or used. By reducing the risk of data loss, Vontu helps organizations ensure public confidence, demonstrate compliance and maintain competitive advantage. Vontu customers include many of the world's largest and most data-driven enterprises and government agencies. Vontu has received numerous awards, including IDG's InfoWorld 2007 Technology of the Year Award for "Best Data Leak Prevention," as well as SC Magazine's 2006 U.S. Excellence Award for "Best Enterprise Security Solution" and Global Award for "Best New Security Solution." For more information, please visit

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