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The UK's FIRST EVER Comprehensive Guide to DNA Paternity Testing
Avi Lasarow - John Blake Publishing - GBP6.99 - 25th May

Recent high-profile cases such as those of Liz Hurley and Steve Bing and David Blunkett and Kimberly Quinn, combined with recent research that shows at one in four men are not the fathers of the children they are bringing up, has brought the topic of paternity testing to the public eye.

Before the introduction of blood testing in the 1920s the only method of identifying the father of a child born outside marriage was through the testimony of the mother given to magistrates. The 1990s saw the introduction of the testing method that is used today - extracting DNA via PCR, the accuracy of which is over 99.9%.

Yet, when Avi Lasarow, for personal reasons, investigated the market he was horrified to find that these companies were not contactable directly, usually overseas and offered no emotional support to clients about their motivations or expectations. After much thought and research he founded DNA Bioscience with an avowed aim of helping people through the emotional process of taking a DNA test. He found that "contrary to popular belief, most of the cases that we deal with aren't presented by men attempting to dodge child-support responsibilities; most are simply looking for peace of mind".

This consumer guide to DNA testing steers people through the legal and practical process as well as addressing the intrinsic emotional consequences. DNA testing is a double-edged sword that may well not produce the answers people are hoping for and they need to have considered that carefully.

Avi Lasarow comes from an international business background with Citibank. Although DNA Bioscience has since been sold to an American company he retains a campaigning interest in raising awareness of the impact of DNA testing.


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