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January 15, 2008 16:14 ET

WI Environmental Offers Clean Air Solution for Smokestacks

New Clean Smokestack Solution (CSS) Is a First in the Marketplace

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - January 15, 2008) - WI Environmental, a company dedicated to environmental solutions, announces an innovative new technology solution that is poised to revolutionize the way private industry and governments treat smokestack emissions. Announced at the U.S. Department of Commerce P2E2 International Conference in Hong Kong, WI Environmental's new technology solution can eliminate the release of global climate changing carbon dioxide (CO2) gases as well as heavy metals, small particles, and NOx and SOx contamination into the atmosphere. This new technology offers a much needed solution to cleaning up emissions from the smokestacks of coal and diesel-fired power plants, and other smokestack and exhaust emitting devices worldwide including the shipping industry.

"We at WI Environmental have been striving for years to create technologies and products that can radically clean up the emissions that are polluting our air, water and soil," said Timothy D. Wandell, President of WI Environmental. "We looked for the simplest, easiest, and most effective method possible to do this, and I am proud to say we have done it. For air, our Clean Smokestack Solution (CSS) will change what society is doing to the environment, making it better for generations to come."

It has been widely acknowledged that carbon dioxide (CO2) production is a leading contributor to global climate change and that significant changes need to be made in the production of CO2 from coal-fired power, cement and other industrial plants. The WI Environmental Clean Smokestack Solution (CSS) combines two worldwide patented, trademarked, tested and applied technologies that used together yield unprecedented results.

The technologies are Wandell Industries, Inc.'s patented Air System Technology (AST) Solution and WI Environmental, LLC's XR-88™. Together they remove carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as heavy metals, small particles and NOx and SOx contamination found in the emitted flue gases. Resulting sludge can be used for building materials and nitrogen compounds can be extracted for use as fertilizer. Existing coal-fired power plants can be modified in an economical fashion that will reduce or completely eliminate emissions that are harmful to humans, animals or the environment.

Independent Laboratory Tests

In recent engineering evaluation tests conducted by an EPA Certified Laboratory, WI Environmental demonstrated that its patented AST Solution and XR-88™ slurry removed over 90% of the CO2 in the test vessel. The CO2 removal is accomplished at the same time that heavy metals, small particles, NOx and SOx are removed. XR-88™ chemically reacts with the CO2 to form a chalk-like material with a high silica content that can be filter pressed and used for beneficial uses. Carbon sequestering of CO2 is obtained by chemically binding the CO2 in a material that will not dissolve in water or release CO2 with time. This eliminates the need to sequester pure CO2.

Before applying the clean smokestack solution to existing and new coal-fired power plants, feasibility, economic and preliminary engineering design analyses will need to be performed to determine the target treatment levels which will then determine the details and cost of applying the Clean Smokestack Solution (CSS).

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WI Environmental is a Wandell Industries, Inc. USA Environmental Solutions Company that delivers solutions to contaminants worldwide for both indoor and outdoor problems. It is a privately held environmental solution company which provides worldwide patented and trademarked technologies for the removal of heavy metals from air, soil, sludge and water. It licenses qualified governments and companies for manufacturing and distribution of air remediation systems for smokestacks and emission devices and also for all indoor air quality products. Presently it has two offices, one in Seattle, Washington and the other in Washington D.C.

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