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October 10, 2007 09:00 ET

WOW TECH INC. Introduces the Next Generation of Wireless Computer Mouse With Signature Vertical Design and Advanced Product Features!

LITTLE FERRY, NJ--(Marketwire - October 10, 2007) - WOW TECH INC., an emerging leader in digital input device industry, announced today that they will introduce a new wireless computer mouse, WOW-PEN Traveler. According to WOW TECH, it has a superior ergonomic vertical body design which helps eliminate carpal tunnel strain. A traditional mouse puts unnecessary stress on the user's wrist and forearm with extended use, often leading to painful carpal tunnel strain. Because of its pen-like shape with a broader base, it's effortless to grab and move, user fatigue is greatly reduced. Also, it is the first computer mouse to incorporate a coating of embedded Silver Nano to minimize the spread of bacteria through shared mouse usage.

WOW TECH said that WOW-PEN traveler is a full functioning mouse as well as a laser pointer for presentations. The placement of the Wow-Pen Traveler's buttons and scroll wheel have been carefully positioned for comfortable use by anyone, regardless of age or size. It has wireless capabilities which allow the user to be free from the desk. The RF receiver offers optional 512MB/1GB flash memory.

Also, Microsoft At Work (on-line Microsoft newsletter) picked the WOW-PEN Traveler as one of the "top five office products you won't be able to live without in 2006, and RedHerring selected WOW TECH for the top 100 Asia Award for innovative IT enterprises.

WOW-PEN traveler will be presented to U.S. market at the 1st IT Channel USA Conference which will be held on Oct 23rd & 25th at Crowne Plaza Hotel located at Secaucus, N.J., organized by SYNET and sponsored by Korea IT Research Institute (KITRI).


WOW TECH is one of the leading manufacturers in the computer input device industry in Korea and produces a line of innovative and unique computer mice as well as digital pens.

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