January 17, 2008 14:41 ET

WWF-Canada redefines The Good Life

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 17, 2008) - WWF-Canada is offering Canadians an exciting new way to tackle global warming with the launch of a new online community called The Good Life.

"In the past 'The Good Life' stood for material excess, but WWF-Canada is redefining the meaning to represent a climate-friendly lifestyle that is healthy for people, for the planet and for future generations," said Mike Russill, President and CEO of WWF-Canada. "The Good Life offers a way for people to do their part to fight climate change, and encourage others, including government and business leaders, to do the same."

Unlike websites with calculators that tally how much pollution an individual produces, The Good Life gives people credit for the actions they are taking to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, helps Canadians to make positive changes to their everyday lives, and shows how effective we can be when our efforts are counted together.

Through The Good Life website, participants can choose from a list of more than 50 GHG-reducing actions to take at home, at work, or in transit, and invite or challenge friends and colleagues to join. Every time a member takes an action, they will be able to track the ongoing reduction in their GHG emissions. Members will also be able to see the total GHG reductions across Canada and by province, to see how their individual efforts contribute to the larger movement to fight climate change. This aggregate count will be used to demonstrate to business and government that Canadians are willing to make the necessary changes to fight global warming, and that we demand action from leaders as well.

"Canadians consistently say climate change is a top concern and express frustration with government inaction, but don't know how or if they can personally make a difference," said Julia Langer, Director, Global Threats, WWF-Canada. "The Good Life helps Canadians take action, and shows how these actions count."

According to WWF-Canada's recently released Canadian Living Planet Report 2007, Canadians have one of the largest per capita footprints in the world. In fact, Canadians are the highest per capita energy consumers in the world, contributing disproportionately to global greenhouse gas emissions and to climate change. Some Canadians are already doing their best to cut back on harmful emissions, but until their efforts are counted as part of a larger whole, it is difficult to see the positive impact that individual steps are having. By bringing together like-minded Canadians and showing how all our actions add up, WWF-Canada will show that it's not too late to fight global warming - if everyone does their part.

For example, if one person installs a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) in their home, the effect is small. But if every Canadian switched one incandescent bulb for a CFL, it would save 345,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of taking 57,000 cars off of the road.

Businesses are also taking a leading role when it comes to helping Canadians reduce their greenhouse gases. Companies like Direct Energy, Bell Canada, HP Canada, Bullfrog Power, and Liberte have already joined with WWF-Canada to support the development of The Good Life, and to provide the products and services that will help Canadians reduce their GHG emissions.

"When you join The Good Life, you are lending your voice to a collective, positive and unified call for everyone - government, businesses and individuals - to do their part to fight climate change." said Paul Tsaparis, president and chief executive officer, HP Canada. "I am encouraging all HP Canada employees to sign-up and I hope other companies do the same."

You can start Living The Good Life today. Visit wwf.ca for more information.

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