Warnex Inc.

Warnex Inc.

August 14, 2007 07:00 ET

Warnex announces an exclusive licence with Ipsogen to market a leukemia molecular diagnostic service in Canada

LAVAL, QC, Aug. 14 - Warnex Inc. (TSX: WNX) today announced an
exclusive agreement with Ipsogen SAS, a molecular diagnostic company based in
Marseille, France, committed to developing tests to improve the disease
management of cancer patients. According to the terms of the agreement,
Ipsogen grants Warnex exclusive rights, for the Canadian territory, to market
a service for the diagnosis and the classification of a group of leukemias.

"Our reputation in the Canadian medical testing market as well as our
scientific and medical credibility makes us an ideal recipient of Ipsogen's
exclusive licence," said Mark Busgang, President and CEO of Warnex. "In
addition to expanding our service offering in medical testing, this licence
provides Warnex with the exclusivity for JAK2 clinical testing performed in
Canada, thus significantly enhancing our market position. Finding the JAK2
mutation is a major step forward in diagnosing myeloproliferative disorders
for the wellbeing of all Canadians."

The service is based on the analysis of variations in the JAK2 gene, to
which Ipsogen has exclusive worldwide intellectual property rights. A high
proportion of patients with myeloproliferative disorders (MPD; polycythemia
vera, essential thrombocythemia, idiopathic myelofibrosis) carry a dominant
gain-of-function V617F mutation in the JH2 kinase-like domain of JAK2. This
pioneering work published in a 2005 issue of Nature by the INSERM team of Dr.
Vainchenker (Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris) provides breakthrough progress
for the molecular classification and the diagnosis of myeloproliferative

"Identifying and commercializing cancer biomarkers carrying high value
medical information is the core business of Ipsogen's development strategy,"
said Vincent Fert, President and CEO of Ipsogen. "The medical community is now
eager to integrate the JAK2 test into clinical practice. Ipsogen has recently
launched the test both in the form of a product and a licensing program to
react rapidly to these urgent medical needs. Warnex, with its strong position
in the Canadian molecular diagnostic services market, is the ideal partner to
help Ipsogen establish its leadership in Canada."

About Warnex

Warnex (www.warnex.ca) is a life sciences company devoted to protecting
public health by providing laboratory services to the pharmaceutical and
healthcare sectors. Warnex's analytical services division provides
pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with a variety of quality control
services, including traditional chemistry, chromatography, microbiology,
method development and validation, and stability studies. Warnex's
bioanalytical services division specializes in bioequivalence and
bioavailability studies for clinical trials. Warnex's medical laboratories
division focuses on genetic and biochemical testing for the healthcare
industry and has extensive expertise in genetic testing for human
identification, molecular diagnostics, and pharmacogenetics.

About Ipsogen

IPSOGEN is a molecular diagnostic company focused on the development and
commercialization of innovative diagnostic products to guide treatment options
in cancers. IPSOGEN has built a comprehensive portfolio of unique products in
blood cancers available in over 50 countries all over the world to leading
institutions involved in cancer care. IPSOGEN products are registered as IVD
in Europe.

Leveraging its expertise in blood cancers, IPSOGEN has developed, in
partnership with leading cancer institutions, a pipeline of diagnostic
products in breast cancer.

IPSOGEN is headquartered in Marseille, France and has its U.S. offices in
New Haven, Connecticut. For more information on IPSOGEN, please visit:


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    Tel: (450) 663-6724 x.310, mbusgang@warnex.ca