The Watergeeks Laboratories

The Watergeeks Laboratories

April 22, 2010 16:43 ET

Watergeeks™, Adiri™ and Plastipure™ Join Forces to Create Baby Bottles and Sport Bottles Using New Plastics Engineered to Be Safer for Consumers and the Planet

'Beyond BPA-FREE: New Plastics Technology is the Leap in Pure Hydration.'

AUSTIN, TEXAS--(Marketwire - April 22, 2010) -

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As the 40th anniversary of Earth Day is observed this week, it was announced today that the polymer scientists and biologists at safe-plastics pioneer PlastiPure™ have partnered with the hydration specialists at the award-winning Adiri™ baby bottle and WaterGeeks™ sport bottle brands to provide the safest hydration products for parents and their children. This partnership will result in Adiri™ and WaterGeeks™ to be first to market with a full line of baby and sport bottles that are certified to be free of all Estrogenic Activity (EA).

Recent and growing concerns about the health risks associated with estrogenic chemicals potentially leaching from plastic products have focused mostly upon those associated with Bisphenol A (BPA). However BPA is only one of hundreds of estrogenic chemicals that can leach from plastics and cause estrogenic activity (EA). This Estrogenic Activity (EA) is the most common form of endocrine disruption. Therefore a product bearing the "BPA-Free" label does not assure consumers that the product is free of Estrogenic Activity but only that it is free of this specific EA chemical. In fact products labeled BPA-Free can and often do contain chemicals that have as much or even more EA than the BPA-containing polycarbonate bottles they replace.

Chemicals that are ingested which mimic or block the actions of naturally occurring estrogens are said to have EA (Estrogenic Activity). The adverse health risks of potential ingestion by consumers and the environmental damage caused by these EA chemicals leaching into our ecosystem has been increasingly documented by various health and environmental experts over the past decade. This has been associated with early onset of puberty in females, reduced sperm counts in males, altered functions of reproductive organs, obesity, altered behaviors, and increased rates of some breast, ovarian, testicular and prostate cancers. The leaching of these same chemicals into the environment is also thought to be the primary cause of the global observations of aquatic life becoming infertile and even changing sex; with male aquatic life changing into females of the species.

"As Executive Producer of the award winning 2008 Documentary FLOW: For Love Of Water where the film was among the first to document the effect of estrogens in the environment, this widespread EA problem is something I have been working for some time to attempt to eliminate" said WaterGeeks™/Adiri™ CEO and founder Brent Meikle. "I formed our consumer branded products to lead the way in offerings that were healthier for both the consumer and the Planet. The PlastiPure-Safe™EA-Free certification provided our brands with the EA-FREE assurance others simply could not. Some companies claim to address those issues, others even attempt to represent themselves as being EA-Free, but only PlastiPure™ could give us a true and verifiable EA-Free plastic solution. Our product lines will be the first to be scientifically proven as truly EA-Free" Meikle concluded.

"The PlastiPure™ certification seal ensures consumers are receiving not a mere marketing tag, such as 'BPA-free', but a comprehensive health solution," said Mike Usey, CEO of PlastiPure™. "PlastiPure™'s partnership with WaterGeeks™ and Adiri™ provides us the opportunity to leverage the strengths of both companies and is a model we will continue to follow as we work with plastic suppliers and product manufacturers to deliver the safest, most convenient, and ecologically-friendly products consumers demand." Over the last nine years, PlastiPure™ has developed exclusive patents, methods and data covering material formulation, manufacture, processing, testing and certification, resulting in the creation of PlastiPure™-Certified products. PlastiPure™-Certified EA-Free products go far beyond BPA-free, and PlastiPure™'s formulations contain no chemicals that have detectable EA by the most sensitive assays. This provides the most comprehensive solution to address endocrine disruption in consumer products today.

To carry the PlastiPure-Safe™ certification, all materials used in the final product (plastics, rubber, decoration) must undergo EA testing. The product is then tested again directly after manufacture and after a battery of common use stresses (e.g., dishwashing, microwaving, and exposure to sunlight). Ongoing testing of production lots ensures that consumers will be able to buy with confidence, knowing that PlastiPure-Safe™ products are the safest possible choices for their infants, children, and the environment. The first Certified EA-FREE Adiri™and WaterGeeks™ baby and sport bottles will begin to ship to retailers in July, 2010.

About Adiri/WaterGeeks

WaterGeeks™ and Adiri™ are the located in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. WaterGeeks™manufactures innovative filtered sport bottles and similar proprietary consumer hydration products. Adiri™ manufactures the most highly awarded baby bottle in the history of the category with international recognition for its superior medical benefits (reducing colic, superior lactation, etc,) and revolutionary design including:

The Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition is the premier awards program for the international medical technology community. The Gold MDEA Award was presented to Adiri and Whipsaw, Inc. (design firm) June 2008. This award reinforces the overwhelming success the Adiri Natural Nurser has had in the medical community.

The D&AD Awards, familiarly known as the "Yellow Pencils," are the most internationally respected and prestigious creative awards for the design and advertising industries. They annually attract over 23,000 entries from internationally leading agencies and design groups, clients, in-house studios, architectural practices, as well as film and post-production companies of over 58 nations. This year, only two products were awarded the "Yellow Pencil" in Product Design: The Adiri Natural Nurser and the Apple iPod Touch.

About PlastiPure

PlastiPure™ is an advanced technology company located in Austin, Texas. Working material and product suppliers, PlastiPure™'s team of leading biologists, polymer chemists and industry experts has worked to advance the science of safer plastics. Founded in 2000, PlastiPure™ creates and licenses new polymer formulations and plastic products that provide the safest products possible for consumer use.

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