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January 27, 2006 14:13 ET

Wave Dispersion Technologies Announces Increase in Production Capacity Due to Strong Demand for WhisprWave® Maritime Security Barriers and Buoys

SYLVAN LAKE, MI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 27, 2006 -- Wave Dispersion Technologies (WDT), a global leader in maritime security, announces the company has doubled its production capacity due to increased global demand for the WhisprWave® line of maritime barriers and buoys. The increased capacity was brought on line in early January 2006. The Company recently announced several recent port security contracts in the US and globally and the expanded manufacturing production will ensure delivery and installation of the WhisprWave® products.

Company C.E.O. Dennis Smith clarified a recent quote in an interview where the company's production capability was misreported. "I can assure you, Wave Dispersion Technologies has not 'turned away' any new business. The recent growth in demand for our products has required us to accelerate our planned increase in production capacity. We are always capable and willing to grow our pipeline of new business. Most of our projects require long lead-times due to requirements for review and permitting by various regulatory agencies and extensive planning by client companies and governments. There is usually a planning period between an inquiry and purchase order that can vary between one month and two years. With knowledge of the potential order flow and because of the nature of our technology we can expand our production relatively easily. We intend to satisfy all our clients' requirements in a timely and satisfactory manner to best serve their needs."

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Exxon, Shell in Nigeria facing 'growing threat'

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Published: Thursday, 26 January, 2006


"Wave Dispersion Technologies, the world's biggest maker of floating security barriers, was contacted by Exxon Mobil during the last week of December about surrounding Nigerian platforms with barriers designed to halt boats, said Dennis Smith, the company's president and founder. Chevron also inquired recently.

Smith said the request was turned away because the Summit, New Jersey, company's manufacturing plant is already at full capacity to supply the US Navy, Coast Guard and Army.

Wave Dispersion makes 34-sided polyethylene polygons that can be linked in a chain to secure a port or surround an offshore installation."

The company developed the WhisprWave® Technology line of Maritime Intrusion and Exclusion Barriers and Warning Buoys for Homeland Security and Force Protection. The Marine Security Sign Buoys ("MSSB") are highly visible demarcation devices capable of withstanding harsh marine environments, yet lightweight for easy deployment and recovery.

The Small Craft Intrusion Barrier™ ("SCIB™") creates a Line of Demarcation, maritime force protection barrier. The SCIB™ was designed for the most adverse marine conditions, including winds of 80+ knots. Loads are carried by stainless steel cables encased in 2 inch EPDM rubber connecting cables. These same stainless steel cables create a significant maritime port security barrier to intrusions and/or entry by unauthorized, stray or threatening vessels.

About WDT: -- The Global Leader in Maritime Homeland Port Security Barrier & Buoy Protection Systems

Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. (WDT) has developed the patented WhisprWave® floating articulated breakwater technology to afford erosion control protection to shoreline beaches, coastal marinas, anchorages, and other areas subject to destructive erosion wave / wake forces. The WhisprWave® is currently installed, being demonstrated or being reviewed by several agencies (US Army Corp of Engineers "USACE," US Navy "USN," US Coast Guard "USCG") for applications that range from Homeland Security / Force Protection to Beach Erosion Protection to Marina Wave & Wake Protection.

WhisprWave® breakwater technology has wide ranging maritime applications from erosion control to homeland security. The Company has been developing the technology for several years and holds 7 Domestic and International Patents for the WhisprWave®'s unique design and utility, with an additional 20 patents pending.

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