Wavesat Inc.

Wavesat Inc.

October 17, 2005 08:06 ET

Wavesat Brings Mini-PCI to WiMAX: World's First WiMAX Mini-PCI Reference Design Opens the Way to Low-Cost and Small Form-Factor WiMAX CPE Driving Fast Deployment of WiMAX Solutions

MONTREAL, CANADA--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 17, 2005) - The development of WiMAX mini-PCI module is a major step toward the availability of low-cost and small form-factor WiMAX Customer Premise Equipment (CPE); an essential ingredient to WiMAX mass market adoption. Wavesat, the first to deliver a fully WiMAX compliant chip to the wireless broadband industry in 2004, is still leading the industry's advancement with the release of the world's first WiMAX Mini-PCI Reference Design based on its award-winning Evolutive™ WiMAX Series chipset.

Wavesat's 3.5 GHz Mini-PCI Design is a development platform to guide and support efforts in designing WiMAX compliant wireless systems using Wavesat's Evolutive WiMAX™ DM256 chip. Wavesat's Mini-PCI Design enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) to rapidly design and manufacture cost effective WiMAX CPE solutions by providing a plug-and-play complete solution for the lower layer air interface and time critical low-level MAC functionality. The industry standard compliant Mini-PCI format simplifies the overall WiMAX CPE design, enabling customers to bring WiMAX solutions to market faster and more cost-efficiently while allowing for flexibility to address further changes driven by the WiMAX emerging market dynamics, application diversity and customer profiles. Visit Wavesat at WiMAX World, October 26-28, 2005 in Boston, booth 308, to learn more about the world's first WiMAX Mini-PCI design.

"Wavesat's WiMAX Mini-PCI design provides the solution our customers need to drive the CPE cost down and enable broad WiMAX market adoption," says Michel Guay, CEO of Wavesat. "Low cost and short time to market are decisive factors in an emerging market where plenty of applications are awaiting a solution and where a flexible architecture like our WiMAX Mini-PCI platform allows our OEMs and ODMs partners to quickly address the application needs with minimum engineering and market risks."

Wavesat's Reference Design fully supports the WiMAX profiles included in the first round of certification, with 3.5 GHz RF interface, 3.5 MHz bandwidth and TDD as well as HFDD operation. The Reference Design includes the PHY and low-level MAC functionality with standard interface to customer motherboard as well as the RF circuitry.

"Our customers are looking to lower the overall complexity of their designs and reduce NRE, in order to focus their efforts on applications, system integration and low manufacturing and implementation costs," says Jules Pierre Lamoureux, Wavesat CTO and Vice President Engineering. "Our WiMAX Mini-PCI Reference Design provides an optimal interface between Wavesat's PHY, Low-level Mac layer to most of the advanced RFICs available on the market today and relieves engineers from complex and time consuming design efforts. In addition, because our Mini-PCI design is fully tested and WiMAX compliant, our solution accelerates customer's CPE WiMAX certification."

According to Andy Fuertes from Visant Strategies, "BWA equipment shipments will exceed 1.5 million units and 40% year on year growth in 2005. It's a real market happening now which is migrating to WiMAX products. These successes are laying the foundation for acceptance in the mobile world in the future and a far larger market. Practical solutions such as the industry standard Mini-PCI form-factor WiMAX modules will accelerate market adoption by simplifying the design of the CPE, and reducing the overall cost." Visant foresees a $3.4B annual opportunity for fixed and portable broadband equipment by 2010 and WiMAX will count for 50% of it.

About the Evolutive™ WiMAX DM256 Family of Products

The Evolutive™ WiMAX DM256 family of products is a complete and cost-effective solution supporting all the necessary features to design base stations and subscriber units for both licensed and license-exempt radio frequencies. It consists of a full-range of standard-based integrated circuits, software and reference designs supporting WiMAX 802.16-2004 certification and intended for forward compatibility with 802.16e for basic mobility. Wavesat products fit design requirements for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) as well as Base Station infrastructures (Carrier's facilities), providing effective wireless connectivity for a wide range of network sizes and coverage from urban to rural applications.

About Wavesat

Founded in 1993, Wavesat Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company focused on the development and supply of baseband chips for WiMAX compliant systems. Wavesat is headquartered in Montreal, Canada where it conducts research and development activities. Wavesat is a privately held company. Key investors include BDC Venture Capital, Monet Capital, Multiple Capital Montreal, Pac-Link Management Corp., Skypoint Capital Corporation, Solidarity Fund QFL and Sunsino Ventures Group.

Wavesat is a Principal member of the WiMAX Forum, a nonprofit corporation formed to certify the compatibility and interoperability of Broadband Wireless devices conforming to the 802.16 wireless MAN and ETSI HiperMAN specifications and to help accelerate the introduction of these devices into the marketplace.

Please visit the company's web site at www.wavesat.com.

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