Wavesat Inc.

Wavesat Inc.

October 24, 2007 14:38 ET

Wavesat Participates in Fourth Mobile WiMAX PlugFest

Wavesat Showcases its Wave 2 UMobile WiMAX Solution at the WiMAX Forum® Taipei Event

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwire - Oct. 24, 2007) - Wavesat, a leading supplier of WiMAX™ semiconductor solutions announced its participation in the WiMAX Forum®'s fourth public, Mobile WiMAX PlugFest in Taipei, Taiwan, October 14-20, 2007. Wavesat demonstrated its technology edge in the Mobile WiMAX™ ecosystem and showcased its Wave 2 UMobile™ WiMAX solution at the WiMAX Forum® Taipei event. The PlugFest event tested interoperability between Wavesat's UMobile™ WiMAX System and other IEEE 802.16e systems.

Pierre Lamoureux, CTO for Wavesat commented "Wavesat is actively supporting the WiMAX Forum® and this event. Our work at this week's event builds on our participation at the previous Mobile WiMAX PlugFest and provides the open environment to advance interoperability and develop the ecosystem needed to drive worldwide adoption of WiMAX. With our growing ecosystem of ODMs and OEMs worldwide, we have a thorough understanding of what operators need for wide-scale WiMAX deployments."

Wavesat also showcased its UMobile™ WiMAX solution during the WiMAX Forum® Taipei Conference and Showcase. Designed to exceed WiMAX Forum® Wave 2 certification requirements, the UMobile™ family of product features:

- Very high performance and fully programmable PHY & MAC solution, including smart antenna features such as MIMO 2x2.

- Low cost solution and footprint in the industry with embedded DRAM in a single package (no external memory required), allowing very easy integration into small form-factor applications

- Very low power consumption at 150 mW in receive mode by using ultra low power DSP technology and enhanced power saving modes.

- Highly programmable architecture supporting multimode operation including ODFMA / OFDM / and legacy 802.11a & g.

About Wavesat

Wavesat is a privately held fabless semiconductor company developing WiMAX chipsets, software and development platforms, enabling OEMs and ODMs to be first to market with high performance and cost effective WiMAX compliant solutions. Featuring the first WiMAX Forum certified CPE design; Wavesat provides solutions for each WiMAX market segment from Fixed to Mobility:

- Fixed (access points, backhaul, DSL extensions) with 802.16-2004 OFDM Evolutive™ solutions

- Nomadic & Portable (fixed system to include high-speed connectivity for laptop and portable applications) with 802.16d+ OFDM Evolutive™ products

- Full mobility with 802.16e-2005 sOFDMA UMobile™ WiBro/WiMAX product family

About WiMAX Forum®

The WiMAX Forum® is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization formed to certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon the harmonized IEEE 802.16/ETSI HiperMAN standard. A WiMAX Forum goal is to accelerate the introduction of these systems into the marketplace. WiMAX Forum Certified products are interoperable and support broadband fixed, nomadic, portable and mobile services. Along these lines, the WiMAX Forum works closely with service providers and regulators to ensure that WiMAX Forum Certified systems meet customer and government requirements. Through the WiMAX Forum Congress Events Series of global trade shows and events, the WiMAX Forum is committed to furthering education, training and collaboration to expand the reach of the WiMAX ecosystem. For more information, visit the trade show link at www.wimaxforum.org.

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