SOURCE: Skyway Software

August 24, 2005 15:06 ET

Web Services Now Automatically Deployed Into Portal

TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 24, 2005 -- Skyway Software, Inc. announces support for automatic deployment WSRP-enabled portlets as an addition to its intuitive design via its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Platform. Skyway has made this portlet option as easy as clicking a check-box option.

Because Skyway's Platform pulls existing services, companies can quickly implement a portal integration strategy for services already built as well as for future applications. The powerful Skyway SOA platform builds, governs, and deploys service-based solutions with such ease that even $45 billion powerhouse British American Tobacco (BAT) put a lead developer to the Skyway Evaluation Challenge. This top developer from BAT had recently created an application in Domino which took 4 days to build. Then after a half-day training class this same developer built the same application in just a day and a half with Skyway Software.

Kevin Poulter, Application Technology Manager at British American Tobacco, states, "BAT has recognized the risks of not factoring SOA into our future architecture upfront. By deploying this solution now we are saving money immediately and improving productivity while opening the way for a head start on enterprise adoption of SOA." BAT estimates they have several thousand Domino applications and are phasing them out with Skyway Software.

This portal feature results in a huge tangible savings in time which goes to the mission of any IT or Business Professional. Saving time not only saves money, it increases a company's response to market demands which is ultimately the money-making goal of any company.

Jared Rodriguez, not only the CEO of Skyway Software but also one of the authors of the UDDI specification, states, "Our customers express they decided to adopt an SOA approach because their existing approach to integration and application development was either costly to implement and sustain, fragmented and hard to consolidate, or time-consuming and slow-to-deliver value." That's the power in Skyway's SOA Platform; it is the only platform built specifically for the full SOA solution lifecycle with its development, governance, and deployment components.

To find out about Skyway's free Auto-Pilot which involves an SOA application of your choice to be built in one day with just 1 developer, simply call 1-813-288-9355 or visit

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