WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.

WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.

January 23, 2007 16:49 ET

WebNet CWN Announces First Deployment of Hopling Technologies Mesh Equipment in the USA

Doubles Executive Office Space in Preparation to Hire 60 Broadband Wireless Personnel to Launch the United States Management, Marketing and Licensing Division in Las Vegas WebNet CWN is Preparing to Launch Its First of 50 Metropolitan Mesh Networks throughout the United States in 2007 and is in the Process of Deploying Its First Broadband Wireless Network in Las Vegas, Nevada

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 23, 2007) - WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd. (WebNet CWN) (www.webnetcwn.com), a leading metropolitan Wi-Fi/WiMAX Mesh Network developer, has announced that the Company has doubled the size of it executive offices from 6,000 to 13,000 sq. ft. in Las Vegas in preparation for 60 personnel that it plans to hire in the first quarter of 2007. Personnel will include corporate level executives, technical and marketing personnel along with a sales team dedicated to selling licenses for its broadband wireless Mesh Network business plan for the first 50 pre-designated markets throughout the United States.

In tandem with the new management team and expanded office space, WebNet CWN also has begun building its first mesh network in the United States using Hopling Technologies equipment. The first two antennas in Las Vegas have been deployed and the back end office applications currently are being beta-tested by a limited number of customers to ensure network performance. Once the wireless network is up and running and has passed quality control certifications, the network will serve as a demonstration network for prospective customers, municipalities and investors that want see a live WebNet CWN mesh network before building similar wireless network in their city or town.

"WebNet CWN is moving into its execution phase of rolling out Municipal Mesh Networks and is currently hiring staff to build its presence in the United States," said Gregory C. Carrington, CEO of WebNet CWN, based in Abbotsford, British Columbia. "We have identified the 100 most lucrative metropolitan areas in the United States based on official 'Dark Zone' reports compiled by The BTP Group. We have budgeted for significant purchases of Hopling Technologies Mesh Networking equipment over the current year. And now we are building a management, engineering, deployment and sales team to build a nationwide wireless network that will provide the standard triple play of wireless voice, video and data services, plus an increasing platform of new wireless services such as Video Verified Security."

WebNet CWN executive offices are located at 3275 South Jones Blvd. Suite 106, Las Vegas, NV 89146. Candidates interested in applying for management, marketing and sales positions should fax resumes to Deborah Dixon at (702) 644-4200 or send via email to ddixon@webnetcwn.com.

To raise capital and establish local business partners, WebNet CWN utilizes a unique Mesh Network business model that sells licensed business units to individuals and businesses that invest private equity money in order to receive royalty payments on monthly recurring revenue. The model provides excellent opportunities for private investors to get involved in the up and coming broadband wireless industry.

Unlike most business models, WebNet CWN can offer all municipalities the opportunity to build out a citywide Wi-Fi Mesh Network without risking one dollar of taxpayer money. Instead of selling equipment and consulting services directly to municipalities, WebNet CWN's markets are 100% funded with private money before a market is scheduled for a build out. This means that municipal government decision makers can elect to build a citywide Mesh Network and will not have to risk any taxpayer money on the network construction or the future operations of the wireless network.

Once all markets are sold and completed, WebNet CWN's nationwide North American network will cover over 4,500 square miles, serve 125 cities and deliver high-speed wireless Internet access and other services such as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to a potential subscriber base of 30 million people.

About WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.

Based in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia, WebNet CWN is building a next generation dynamic broadband Wi-Fi/WiMAX wireless Mesh Network throughout North America. The Company is offering a full portfolio of broadband services, including high-speed wireless Internet access, VoIP phone services, Wi-Fi mobile phones, video verified security and Internet television programming. WebNet's network design delivers converged wireless products and services to business and residential customers that would be normally purchased from several different providers, all in one low cost bundle, with 24/7 service. WebNet's converged billing platform aggregates mediation, rating and billing information from multiple IP-based services, then generates a simple, easy-to-read customer billing statement, which greatly reduces costs and simplifies the complex billing strategies necessary for individual metropolitan wireless network operators.

Based on extensive primary research, the company has selected the top 25 most lucrative cities in Canada and 100 prime markets in the United States that offer the highest propensity to buy broadband wireless products and services due to pent up demand and limited availability of wired broadband services. The Company is actively selling licensed metro Wi-Fi dealership territories, star network territories, IP mobile mesh network territories and corporate equity investment opportunities to qualified participants. Licensed Wi-Fi territories are now available to qualified investors that would like to buy one or more regional networks that will provide monthly recurring revenue and royalty payments. Business owners, franchisors and investors can now begin building their own business in the lucrative $3 billion municipal wireless industry. Interested parties should visit the Company's website at www.webnetcwn.com.

About Hopling Technologies B.V.

Hopling Technologies is a global leader in wireless networking equipment for enterprises, operators and service providers. The Company delivers carrier-grade hotspot solutions and proven Mesh Network solutions suitable for metropolitan area networks, wireless local area networks, the last mile, wireless connectivity, mobile broadband solutions, video surveillance, IP-based cellular phones (VoIP) and event-based solutions. Hopling Technologies is fulfilling the potential of the new generation WiMAX end-to-end solutions through its HopMAX™ product portfolio. Hopling Technologies is an active member of the WiMAX Forum. More information is available on www.hopling.com.

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