WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.

WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.

January 15, 2007 16:20 ET

WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.: Chilliwack, British Columbia Unveils New Municipal Wireless Mesh Network

City officials recognize high-speed wireless Internet access as a significant facilitator of rapid business development and the foundation for new economic growth

CHILLIWACK, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 15, 2007) - Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO) (www.chilliwackpartners.com) and the City of Chilliwack, British Columbia (www.chilliwack.com), announced a new business development tool in the municipality's economic development portfolio - high-speed wireless Internet connections throughout the city's downtown business corridor.

Using a citywide wireless mesh network of Wi-Fi access points being deployed by WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd. (WebNet CWN) (www.webnetcwn.com), based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, the City of Chilliwack now offers mobile users and businesses in the downtown area a new source of broadband wireless Internet connections. Small businesses in the downtown district will benefit from the cost savings that wireless connections offer versus expensive wired T1 telephone circuits. Users on the go benefit from the freedom to move around town and remain connected to email and Internet-based applications using laptops and PDAs with wireless access capabilities.

"We are proud to announce that Chilliwack has joined the ranks as one of the most leading edge municipalities in Canada by working with WebNet CWN to build a next generation wireless network in our city," said Mayor Clint Hames. "Now that we can offer high-speed connections virtually anywhere, we feel that we have the necessary broadband assets to attract new, high-growth companies such as high technology and entertainment related businesses."

Hames continued, "we had been following the industry trend of building a wireless mesh network to support economic development for some time. We were very pleased when WebNet CWN approached the city to begin their network by building a private, not publicly funded, wireless network in our downtown corridor."

"Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley represent the second area that we have announced publicly since we began building out our nationwide Network in Canada and the United States," said Gregory C. Carrington, WebNet CWN's President and CEO. "The success that we have had in Abbotsford and Chilliwack area is just the tip of the iceberg. We are very close to announcing service availability in several more cities in the lower mainland of British Columbia and across Canada."

Building a Nationwide Wireless Network

WebNet CWN has identified 125 markets in Canada and the United States where broadband services are not present at all, or are severely underserved. The markets were handpicked utilizing primary research called Dark Zone reports, which evaluated select markets on availability of fibre, pent up demand for broadband services, and the lack of other broadband services serving each market.

Wireless Mesh Network Business Opportunities

WebNet CWN funds its networks with private investor financing. The company sells licensed business units to individuals and businesses, which receive royalty payments and/or percentages of the network's monthly recurring revenue. The model provides excellent opportunities for private investors locally or internationally to get involved in the up and coming broadband wireless industry with little or no knowledge of the industry.

Broadband Wireless Service in Chilliwack, BC

Customers in Chilliwack learn more about WebNet CWN's new wireless network capabilities at www.webnetcwn.com. Customers can sign up for the wireless service by calling WebNet Sales at (866) 755-4199. Basic residential wireless service costs just $29.95 per month. See the website for details.

About WebNet Converged Wireless Network Ltd.

Based in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia, WebNet CWN is building a next generation dynamic broadband WiMAX/Wi-Fi wireless mesh Network throughout North America. The Company is offering a full portfolio of broadband services, including high-speed wireless Internet access, VoIP phone services, Wi-Fi mobile phones, video verified security and Internet television programming. WebNet's network design delivers converged wireless products and services to business and residential customers that would be normally purchased from several different providers, all in one low cost bundle, with 24/7 service.

WebNet's backbone segregates customer accounts, provide custom online billing and accounting, service multiple applications accounts all on the same bill, or separately, all in real time. Based on extensive primary research, the company has selected the top 25 most lucrative cities in Canada and 100 prime markets in the United States that offer the highest propensity to buy broadband wireless products and services due to pent up demand and limited availability of wired broadband services. The company is actively selling licensed metro Wi-Fi dealership territories, star network territories, IP mobile mesh network territories and corporate equity investment opportunities. Interested parties should contact William Legg at (866) 995-9559 or visit the Company's website at www.webnetcwn.com.

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