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April 20, 2010 08:03 ET

Websense Enables Formula One Team to Protect in Real-Time and Prevent Data Leaks

Websense Web Security Gateway and Websense Data Security Suite Safeguards Users and Intellectual Property at Red Bull Technology From Dynamic and Blended Web Threats and Data Loss

READING, UK--(Marketwire - April 20, 2010) - Websense (NASDAQ: WBSN) today announced that Red Bull Technology has selected Websense® Web Security Gateway to provide real-time Web protection and Websense Data Security Suite to protect from data loss. 

Websense Web Security Gateway will enable the Formula One group to manage dynamic Web 2.0 content and SSL traffic, scan for malware in real-time and block blended threats. The Websense Data Security Suite will be used in conjunction with the Websense Security Gateway by the organization to protect their valuable and sensitive information from accidental or malicious loss.

Red Bull Technology will implement the Websense V10000 secure Web gateway appliance to deliver both solutions -- delivering dynamic protection against new threats and uncategorized content while enforcing multiple policies for both Web and data throughout its business.

"The Internet is fast moving and the rise of Web 2.0 has significantly changed the threat landscape. For the Web, we needed a solution that would not only protect against real-time Web threats but would also prevent out-bound data loss," said Matt Cadieux, Chief Information Officer, Red Bull Technology.

While Red Bull Technology plans to initially restrict the usage of Web 2.0 sites and tools, it will progressively provide its users with increased freedom in order to harness the enormous potential of the Internet and Web 2.0 without compromising security, violating acceptable use policies or effecting business efficiency. 

Websense Web Security Gateway analyzes and secures Web traffic in real-time, enabling the safe use of Web 2.0. The solution combines this powerful security with highly intuitive policy management, reporting and its delegated administration enables effective time management of Web security while reducing errors that can lead to breaches.

"While we are keen that our employees are able to do their job effectively, it is also important that we safeguard them against the threats that the Web can present and ensure that time spent on the Internet is productive," said Cadieux. "Following usage evaluation and with on-going education of our employees, this solution will enable us to implement simple management of our policies moving forward."

Websense Web Security Gateway is powered by the Websense ThreatSeeker™ Network which continuously monitors the Internet for changes and emerging threats. The resulting intelligence is incorporated in real-time into the company's Web and data security solutions. As a result, Websense solutions adapt to the rapidly changing Internet threat environment at speeds not possible by traditional security solutions.

In addition, Websense Data Security Suite will ensure that Red Bull Technology is protecting one of its greatest assets -- intellectual property. The organization faces a challenge in protecting its data due to the sheer amount and diversity of sensitive data held within the business. Websense Data Security Suite will enable it to understand and analyze the flow of data in and out of the network, as well as within the network itself. Identifying where data is going -- who is sending it and how it is moving around -- will enable Red Bull Technology to have definitive visibility. That visibility can then leverage the unified policy setting framework for users, data, destinations and channels, thus securing what data can go where and how.

"Our business holds very sensitive information, so it is essential that we are protected from data loss. The breadth of coverage Websense provides -- Web, email and data -- will allow us to have valuable insight into all avenues of possible data loss and ensure we're protected against it. This was a key criteria in our decision to implement Websense Data Security Suite as it provides a great leap forward in meeting our DLP objectives," said Cadieux.

Recently, organizations such as Red Bull Technology have seen the importance of investing in Data Loss Prevention solutions. Employees often don't think about the potential repercussions of what they are doing with sensitive data. A lost USB key, stolen laptop or just printing off data for working from home all present risks but Websense Data Security Suite identifies, monitors, and protects this confidential information. Securing information is no longer as simple as just restricting access to data -- with collaboration and communication over more mediums, such as the Web, it is vital that businesses have a greater insight into where potential leaks may lie.

"Many businesses are becoming aware of the potential benefits of Web 2.0 but are less equipped to deal with the accompanying threats from malware and advanced persistent threats along with the risks of outbound data loss," said Mark Murtagh, technical director, EMEA & APAC, at Websense. "Our TRITON architecture with the unified Web Security Gateway and Websense Data Security Suite enables organizations to embrace the latest Web-based tools and applications while being confident that they are safe from attacks or the risk of data loss."

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