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September 25, 2007 11:39 ET

WeeWorld Opens Its Rapidly Growing Community to Brand Advertisers

Loyal Audience Adopts Over 8 Million Assets per Month and Now Has Access to Highly Sought-After Branded Items

BOSTON, MA and LONDON--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - WeeWorld, a popular avatar-based social network, has unveiled a brand-friendly suite of immersive advertising products that make it simple for brands to engage authentically with users. On WeeWorld, users express their styles and passions and connect with friends through avatars called WeeMees. They actively seek out clothing, electronics food, drinks, music and sports gear to outfit their WeeMees and personalize their rooms. By choosing to wear and display branded items, users virally endorse and recommend brands to their friends providing a foundation for positive brand engagement.

"Until now, social media has been time-consuming to implement, difficult to buy and confusing. We purposely designed the community with advertisers in mind. Advertising in social media shouldn't be hard," said Lauren Bigelow, General Manager US, WeeWorld.

On WeeWorld, users consistently ask for brands. So WeeWorld provides integrated advertising opportunities that allow advertisers to attain positive brand alignment in an authentic, non-intrusive way. The brand assets users choose to wear help them to express their personalities, passions and interests.

With the recent launch of WeeRoom, WeeWorld further differentiates itself from other social networking sites because users can create their own visual space complete with blogging and search capabilities. This allows users to describe objects in their room as well as send and receive comments. With built-in search, users can choose any object and find others who have that object, easily connecting with others who share their interests. For marketers, this doubles the number of places on WeeWorld where WeeMees can adopt and display viral branded elements and thus, increases the level of campaign performance.

"Our community thrives on visual self-expression. By adding brands to the mix, users will get what they ask us for ever day -- brands that help them express what they're passionate about," Bigelow continued.

Research shows that social networking users learn about new products on social networks themselves, usually by seeing a brand associated with their friends. A recent survey conducted by a leading independent research firm revealed that almost one-quarter of daily youth social networking users said that they learned about new products on social networking sites. This trend will continue and forward-thinking marketers have already launched consumer packaged goods, entertainment, cosmetics and non-profit campaigns. The company is already at work on forthcoming campaigns.

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