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January 13, 2010 10:57 ET

WellDog Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Export Its Award-Winning Coalbed Methane Technology to Australia

LARAMIE, WY--(Marketwire - January 13, 2010) - WellDog announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with FarleyRiggs of Adelaide, South Australia, to begin establishing a joint venture that will provide WellDog's award-winning technical reservoir evaluation services to the Australian coalbed methane industry. The companies are preparing to introduce jointly the WellDog technical services to key Australian coalbed methane producers later this month through a series of private meetings in Brisbane and Sydney.

WellDog's services have been used widely by North American producers to characterize accurately and completely potential CBM reserves, thereby enabling companies to produce more gas, faster, while reducing the environmental and economic impact of CBM development.

"We are actively engaged in exporting this Wyoming technology to help new CBM developments around the world," said John M. Pope, Ph.D., president and CEO of WellDog. "Over the past year we have received many inquiries from Australian customers. When FarleyRiggs contacted us regarding a partnership, and we learned of their progressive approach to delivering value to their clients, we were immediately interested. We believe that combining our services with their current commercial offerings will create a one-stop solution provider for coalbed methane in Australia."

The Australian oil and gas industry is currently undertaking the world's largest coalbed methane development in order to fulfill its commitment to providing natural gas for numerous liquid natural gas (LNG) export stations now under construction or investment decision.

"We are extremely excited about the technology and the significant increase in the quality of reservoir data that is delivered to client. The end result being a revolutionary step forward in the way clients plan and develop their assets. The chance to partner with a professional outfit like WellDog is an exciting opportunity for our company. It is estimated that tens of thousands of wells are required to meet front end demand for future LNG projects and this presents an exciting opportunity for both companies," said Nick Nazarovs, Business Development Manager of FarleyRiggs. "Our approach to developing our service offerings has always been consistent, look to ways in which we can add value to what clients receive in terms of high quality data. This new partnership will deliver unprecedented access to improved reservoir information, while bundling this technology with Drill Stem Testing techniques will create an exciting and powerful toolkit for operating companies."

Coalbed methane is natural gas trapped in coal seams. Conventional oilfield services are not able to measure the heterogeneous distribution of natural gas in coal seams. WellDog's technology was developed to solve that problem.


FarleyRiggs Ltd is an Australian oilfield service provider dedicated to delivering innovative, cost effective solutions to oil and gas companies around the world. Our core business involves delivery of Drill Stem Testing, Surface Well Testing and Data Acquisition Services. More information is available on the web at


WellDog (trade name of Gas Sensing Technology Corp.) is a privately held company that uses innovative technologies to evaluate in situ the geochemistry and geophysics of unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs, resulting in increased gas production as well as reduced costs and environmental impact for clients. Ten years ago, the principals of WellDog began using Raman spectroscopy to create a tool capable of measuring gas content in coalbed reservoirs. Along the way, they pioneered advances in spectrometer miniaturization, harsh environment sensing, coalbed reservoir simulation, and coalbed reservoir geochemistry. More information is available on the web at

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