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October 03, 2007 09:00 ET

West Coast Fertility Centers Presents Results of Landmark Study on Oocytes (Egg) Freezing at the ASRM Meeting

Fertility Center Completes Study With 60% Pregnancy Rate From Frozen Eggs

ORANGE COUNTY, CA--(Marketwire - October 3, 2007) - Dr. David Diaz and the scientific team at West Coast Fertility Centers will present ground-breaking results of their innovative egg freezing technology developed in Orange County, California. Dr. Diaz, who heads West Coast Fertility Centers and serves as Medical Consultant for The Frozen Egg Bank, Inc., will present the results of his Center's study on October 16th at the 63rd annual meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in Washington, DC. The team will present 3 scientific papers on the topic of egg freezing techniques perfected at the Center.

West Coast Fertility Center's Institutional Review Board (IRB) study enrolled 50 patients who gave consent to receive embryos created from a limited number of frozen eggs. Using their trademark egg freezing technology, West Coast reports that 28 pregnancies from 47 thawed egg cycles have occurred yielding a 60% pregnancy rate, considered among the highest in the nation. To date, West Coast Fertility Centers has the second largest number of pregnancies from frozen/thawed eggs nationwide. Worldwide only about 300 children have been born from frozen eggs.

Dr. Diaz states, "One of the study's objectives was to show that excellent pregnancy rates are achievable when women freeze their own eggs while they are still healthy and viable. Our data further shows that women younger than 35 years have equally favorable pregnancy rates as women who use frozen eggs from young, healthy egg donors."

Antoine La, Embryology Laboratory Director explains, "Our egg freezing technology will help young women wishing to store their eggs prior to undergoing egg damaging cancer treatments; women with premature menopause who may obtain healthy frozen donor eggs from The Frozen Egg Bank, Inc.; women who wish to delay fertility by freezing their healthy eggs and patients undergoing IVF who prefer to freeze their surplus oocytes instead of freezing embryos."

The graph depicts that using West Coast Fertility Center's Egg Freezing Technology, the frozen eggs showed a high thaw survival rate of 91% and a 92% fertilization rate. Pregnancies were achieved by transferring an average of 3.6 embryos from frozen oocytes.

The study outcome also validates the efficacy of the new technology by demonstrating that when compared to the pregnancy rates with frozen embryos, frozen oocytes pregnancy rates were identical. "This suggests that In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Centers can potentially offer egg freezing instead of embryo freezing to IVF patients with no decline in pregnancy rates," says Dr. Diaz. Fertility clinics often face difficulties on how to manage surplus embryos when the genetic parents have conflicting opinions about the fate of embryos carrying both their genetic material.

Dr. David Diaz, members of his scientific team and egg freezing patients are available for interviews; call, 562.924.7072.

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