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August 12, 2008 17:47 ET

West Valley City, UT Finds a One Stop Shop for Traffic Calming

WEST VALLEY CITY, UT--(Marketwire - August 12, 2008) - It isn't often that a city can solve all its traffic calming problems with one address. For West Valley City, UT, Traffic Logix provided just that. From physical deterrents to increasing awareness, the company provided solutions for all the city's speeding concerns.

West Valley City first purchased Traffic Logix rubber speed tables as a physical deterrent to speeding cars in 2007. They were happy with the ease of installation and portability of the rubber tables.

After receiving resident complaints and recognizing the need for intervention in the Diamond Summit neighborhood of the city, West Valley's engineers began assessing the problem. Traffic studies showed that the 85th percentile speed was exceeding the posted speed limit of 25 mph by 11-12 mph. The area is a large subdivision. In order to effectively slow cars throughout, around 20 speed humps would have been required. By increasing motorist awareness with radar speed signs instead, the problem could be solved effectively and less expensively.

The goal was to lower the 85th percentile speed by a few miles an hour by making motorists aware of how fast they were going. The city's transportation engineer, Erik Brondum, researched several companies' radar signs but chose the Traffic Logix radar speed signs since they were already happy with the company's products.

Mr. Brondum commented that he was pleased with the many capabilities the Traffic Logix signs offer. "They're easy to use and user friendly," he noted. "I also really like the variable messages that the signs offer and the excellent data collection software." All Traffic Logix signs use Blue Tooth technology to transfer data from the signs to the user's PC. A range of reports can then be generated with a wealth of information on the speeds of motorists.

The Traffic Logix next generation radar signs also offer a unique optical system, which allows the LEDs to function using only 30% of their power while providing optimal visibility. The signs are equipped with a focused viewing system that ensures that approaching vehicles can see the sign even in poor lighting conditions while the sign's messages are dimmed for cars in other lanes to avoid motorist distraction.

A traffic counter built into the sign radar provides the most accurate readings on the market. Most signs can only count one car at a time so that when several go by, only the highest speed is counted. This results in inaccurately high speed counts. The counters used in the Traffic Logix signs can count multiple cars at multiple speeds simultaneously. An optional solar panel is available for increased energy efficiency.

Eight Traffic Logix signs were installed in West Valley City; two each on Charles Drive, Wakefield Way, Laurel Canyon, and High Bluff.

Traffic studies conducted after the signs were installed found that they lowered the 85th percentile speed to 31-32 mph. Residents in the neighborhood are happy with the lowered speeds and safer streets. One of the city's council members, who lives on Charles Drive near one of the radar signs, expressed satisfaction with the signs as well.

Traffic Logix manufactures a full range of traffic calming solutions including rubber speed humps, tables, cushions, curbing for traffic circles or street narrowing, and next generation radar speed signs. For more information visit or call 866-915-6449.

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