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November 18, 2009 14:43 ET

WestJet Airlines Joins the Ever-Expanding Roster of enCompassing Visions Clients

Canada's Model of 'Corporate Culture Done Right' Adds enCompassing Visions Software to Its Culture-building Toolkit

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 18, 2009) - For a long list of clients in a broad range of industries, enCompassing Visions helps nurture employee engagement and cultivate corporate cultures that employees are thrilled to be part of. For their commitment to creating great workplaces and effectively managing their human capital, a good number of enCompassing Visions clients are frequent fixtures among Canada's, Alberta's and Saskatchewan's Top Employers. We congratulate those who earned well-deserved spots on this year's lists, including Calgary Laboratory Services, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation, Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation, Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan and a name most Canadians are very familiar with, WestJet Airlines.

A recent addition to our client roster, WestJet Airlines is now using enCompassing Visions' robust software solution to help grow and sustain a corporate culture that's second to none.

"At WestJet, our staff are owners. Owners want communications and decisions that are clear, concise, objective and informed. They care about having the right skills in the right place at the right time in order to deliver a great customer experience," explains Ferio Pugliese, WestJet's Executive Vice-President, People. "enCompassing Visions is all about tapping into the power of our people for the benefit of all our stakeholders."

At first, WestJet was looking for two specific technologies: an exceptional Job Evaluation tool to help them document the work they have already done, and a powerful Employee Evaluation tool to help them optimize their workforce and plan for the future. As they came to realize how specialized their HR functions had become, WestJet expanded their search. In addition to Performance Management, they wanted software that extended to Learning Management, Succession Planning and Leadership Development. Above all, any technology WestJet adopted had to 'fit' with the airline's deeply engrained culture of excellence. And if they could get everything they were looking for in a single, fully integrated package...well, that would make the decision easy.

"We were eager to approach traditional conceptions of 'human resources' in a new way," says Pugliese. "We looked at the typical trend among companies as large as ours, where individual departments become increasingly specialized and disconnected. WestJet wanted a technology solution to help us move back toward total integration - to take all the specialized work being done and tie it together to create consistency, linkage and credibility around all of the company's information and assets. After an exhaustive search, it became clear that enCompassing Visions was the only software solution that linked the broader aims of organizational strategy to key talent management functions such as job evaluation, performance management, training and development, mentor matching and succession planning."

About enCompassing Visions

To help optimize performance and maximize the return on investment in people throughout your organization, enCompassing Visions software delivers an innovative, integrated talent-management solution. And we give top priority and exacting attention to each client's distinctive needs.

enCompassing Visions efficiently bridges the gap between an organization's strategic mission and vision and the pragmatic challenges of human resources management. Further, it builds consistency, objectivity and accountability into key business decisions. The enCompassing Visions solution effectively aligns strategic goals with performance from every member of your team, and it supports informed decision-making, while elevating employee engagement at every level of your organization.

Whether your organization is large and small, unionized and otherwise - and whether you have established, formalized HR functions or not - the enCompassing Visions talent management solution can be tailored to fit with your organization's environment, needs and vision.

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