Knowledge to Action

Knowledge to Action

May 06, 2010 07:00 ET

What's in a Name?-The Naming of Knowledge to Action

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 6, 2010) - When Greg Secker set up what was to become the leading forex training and seminar company in Europe, he put considerable effort into researching the name he would give his new business, eventually settling on "Knowledge to Action". 

The name sums up much of what is unique about the company, which is committed to ensuring that graduates of its courses are able to put their newly-gained knowledge into action. Most seminar-goers with other organisations attend a seminar, are given information and taught new skills, but never put the knowledge to work. In fact, most material handed out at seminars ends up being put on a shelf and forgotten. Knowledge to Action, however, is focused on ensuring that graduates of its seminars and training courses are able to use their newly-acquired skills and knowledge to good effect. 

People often say that "Knowledge is power". Whilst this is partially true, the quote should really be "Knowledge is potential power", as the power comes from action in context. When Greg Secker was naming his company, he had all these thoughts in mind as he considered what to call the business. A friend of Greg's particularly liked the company name and also named their publishing company similarly, Knowledge in Action. A number of other books and publications have also been produced with similar titles, covering subjects ranging from healthcare to climate change. Knowledge to Action?, a book published in 2005, deals with evidence-based healthcare, and a UK-based charity, Knowledge into Action, is concerned with improving healthcare. The name also aligns the company with a number of other academic institutions around the world.

Knowledge to Action's name promotes its active learning environment for learning stock market and forex trading. The company's state-of-the-art training centre in London has a live trading floor on which trainees are introduced to the world of forex trading, and its training is being constantly refined to ensure that graduates are equipped to embark on a life of successful forex and stock market trading on their own account.

When Greg Secker hit upon the name "Knowledge to Action", he knew that he had found a name that summed up his company's philosophy of teaching people not just techniques to become successful forex and stock market traders, but also to have a mindset that would put that knowledge to work. He also knew that it was a name that resonated with other training organisations, writers, and charities who used similar words to describe their passion for making knowledge work in their own field. 

About Knowledge to Action

Knowledge to Action, founded by Greg Secker, is the home of the award-winning Traders University programme ®, and Europe's number one trader coaching company. Its stock market course has launched many private traders on the path to financial independence since 2004. 

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