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November 27, 2007 04:49 ET

What's new pussycat?

Train your cat to use a human toilet and bin the litter tray

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 27, 2007) - Get ready to pounce on a new training system from Australia that is set to revolutionise the way we live with cats. Say goodbye to smelly, messy litter trays as Tiddles could be using your toilet in just 8 weeks. It may sound potty but Litter Kwitter is the purrfect alternative to returning home after a long day to the stench of a soiled & soaking litter tray.

The unhygienic litter tray is one of the few downsides of cat ownership. By digging around in litter your cat covers their paws with waste then tracks it through your home, on pillows, worktops and laps. And keeping other pets and small children away from the litter tray is also a big problem.

But there is no need to use a litter tray at all when the perfect waste disposal facility is already installed in your home. The toilet was designed specifically for flushing away waste in the most hygienic way possible so why not let the whole family use it?

When your cat is fully trained you will never need to buy litter again - which is great news as it's estimated an average cat owner will spend Pounds Sterling 2,000 on litter over ten years. So that's more money in your purse and less litter in landfill - about 500 kilos less environmental waste over the life of an average cat!

Litter Kwitter's simple three-stage approach to training actually builds on a cat's natural desire to hide the smell of their waste from predators so they will be happy to use the toilet.

It is innovative yet easy to use with colour-coded discs that fit on to a special seat on your toilet. Start with the red disc, then progress to the amber disc which has a hole in the middle to get your cat going into the toilet pan. Finally the green stage weans your cat off the litter and your cat will happily perch on the toilet seat itself, leaving nothing behind but what has been submerged and maybe the copy of Cat Weekly they were reading.

The Litter Kwitter has a recommended price of GBP 39.95 and is available in all Pets at Home stores nationwide. See how it works and watch cats in action at

Notes to the editor:

Cat owner Jo Lapidge got the idea for Litter Kwitter after watching a cat use the toilet in the film Meet the Parents. She decided to try teaching her cat Doogie to do the same and says that it was actually easier than potty training her son.

Training using positive reinforcement has long been the accepted way to train dogs and now cats are getting in on the action. By rewarding your cat with something tasty when he uses the toilet he will be more likely to repeat the action next time he needs to go.

Litter Kwitter comes with a universal base plate that fits all standard toilets, three colour-coded training discs, a comprehensive instruction booklet and a 30-minute training DVD.

Don't be concerned about sharing your toilet with a cat as it's much more hygienic than a litter tray. When cats use the toilet it is only their paws that touch the seat - the same paws that walk over every surface in your house anyway. Either share the toilet seat with your cat's clean paws or share every surface in your home with litter-covered paws.

Litter Kwitter was developed and tested by cat owners, vets and animal behaviourists. One animal behaviourist who helped in this process was Dr Joanne Righetti. She is British and studied at Edinburgh University before moving to Australia.

Litter Kwitter won the PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia) New Product of the Year Award in 2005

The Litter Kwitter debuted in the UK on BBC's Tonight With Jonathan Ross. It has also been featured on CNN, Animal Rescue Live, CBBC and The Money Programme.

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