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Where French Travelers Are Headed in 2010 Reports the Top Ten Domestic and International Cities French Residents Are Traveling to in 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - April 20, 2010) - -- the world's leading hotel search engine -- reports the top 10 domestic and international travel destinations for French residents in 2010. Statistics are based on the Web site's current booking leads for the upcoming year. Paris and Lyon top the list for domestic destinations while New York City and London rank highest for international destinations.

Top 10 Domestic Destinations for French Travelers in 2010
City   Average Room Rate   Average Night Stay   Percent of Domestic Travel   Total Hotels on
1.  Paris   EUR 120   2.8   7.5%   1,721
2.  Lyon   EUR 76   2.2   1.2%   111
3.  Nice   EUR 71   2.5   1.0%   183
4.  Marseille   EUR 76   2.5   0.8%   77
5.  Lille   EUR 73   1.8   0.7%   45
6.  Strasbourg   EUR 94   2   0.5%   74
7.  Toulouse   EUR 75   2.3   0.5%   89
8.  Cannes   EUR 113   2.5   0.4%   130
9.  Lourdes   EUR 52   2.4   0.3%   97
10. Bordeaux   EUR 90   2.2   0.3%   82


Top 10 International Destinations for French Travelers in 2010
City   Average Room Rate   Average Night Stay   Percent of International Travel   Total Hotels on
1.  New York City   EUR 139   5.4   5.6%   601
2.  London   EUR 102   3.2   3.4%   1,422
3.  Bangkok   EUR 53   3.5   2.2%   605
4.  Barcelona   EUR 82   3.2   1.7%   793
5.  Dubai   EUR 132   5.2   1.6%   427
6.  Rome   EUR 87   3.4   1.5%   1,921
7.  Prague   EUR 69   3.3   1.5%   756
8.  Berlin   EUR 82   3.4   1.4%   923
9.  Marrakech   EUR 77   4.6   1.3%   584
10. Venice   EUR 123   2.8   1.3%   612

It comes as no surprise that the capital city Paris ranks as the number one domestic destination for French travelers in 2010. According to a February 2010 report by the Paris Tourism Research Department, in four years, the volume of French travelers to Paris has never been as high as it is today and overall hotel arrivals are up 4.7% year on year.

Spokesperson Paul Roll, Managing Director of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, commented, "Paris retains its position as the leading tourism destination thanks to a solid position that combines the right balance between business and leisure travelers. The richness of its offer and its cultural calendar are part of its traditional attractions and Paris has in recent years been such a dynamic and innovative city that it has undergone transformations at an unprecedented pace. The new rules and regulations in the hotel industry, including the creation of a 5th star, is a positive move forward for the Parisian hotel sector. By making it comparable with that of other cities, it is now possible to better highlight its competitiveness and its good quality/price ratio. And that is not all, with the creation of a hotel plan for 7,000 additional rooms on the edge of the city by 2020, notably major hotel groups will strengthen the competitiveness of Paris which remains vigilant to keep its capital in pole position in a competitive market place that has become even keener in the present economic situation."

One of the most budget friendly cities, Bangkok, and one of the highest cost destinations, New York City, are both within the top three international destinations. General Manager Michael Doubinski said, "This indicates French travelers are making their travel choices based on the destination's unique experience and not solely on overall cost."

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