December 08, 2009 19:48 ET

"Who Do You See in the Mirror?(C)" Is the Book America Needs Now to Create a More Responsible World, One Workplace at a Time

HENDERSON, NV--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - Common Sense Management Strategies (CSMS) proudly announces the publication of Dr. Joseph A. Williams' compelling book, "Who Do You See in the Mirror? Change irresponsible behavior in the workplace to responsible behavior ©."

In the American workplace, the current economic crisis can be turned into the opportunity to fix the irresponsible behavior patterns that contributed to the crisis. Workers can start a ripple of responsibility that will enhance the success of their own workplaces.

"Who Do You See in the Mirror?©" is an eye-opening, inspiring book. All organizations need responsible members -- from the hourly service employee to the highest ranking CEO -- to ensure success. Dr. Williams' innovative Human CABLE System™ (HCS) is a model for positive behavioral change based on a real-life common sense approach.

This book guides readers to find their most responsible self and model that for others. Additionally, reading "Who Do You See in the Mirror?" and doing the exercises in the HCS workbook will leave people feeling more grounded in responsibility in everything they do.

HCS is a self-training tool based on facing one's deep-set patterns through a makeover process that changes behavior. Instead of reacting to situations in ways that satisfy their own self-interests -- a perspective that often clouds judgment -- workers will learn how much more successful they can be when they embrace the domino effect of responsible behavior.

What would the American business, from the small local copy shop to the most complex corporation, be like if everyone involved acted responsibly? No sick days used for vacation, no rules that apply to some employees and not others, no CEOs approving deceptive claims for a product or service -- imagining it, learning how to do it, and making it happen is in the reach of every reader of this accessible book.

"Who Do You See in the Mirror? Change irresponsible behavior in the workplace to responsible behavior" by Dr. Joseph A. Williams. Hardcover, 152 pages, ISBN 13:978-0-615-26855-2. $23.95. Available from, Atlasbooks, Borders, Barnes & Noble and Amazon; See our web page for press kits.

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