Nintendo of Canada

Nintendo of Canada

February 17, 2010 10:12 ET

Wii Sports Resort Provides an Interactive Get-Away for All Ages

Two generations of gamers unite as Nintendo brings Wii Sports Resort to senior-focused community centre

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 17, 2010) -

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Tweens, teens and thirty-something gamers beware – Grandma and Grandpa are the newest force to be reckoned with in the family Wii showdown.

The Wii™ video game system has increasingly found a home at seniors living residences and community centres across the country - creating new opportunities for residents to interact with each other, and allowing seniors to take on a younger generation at what was traditionally considered their domain.

Members of Edmonds Community Centre for 55+ in Burnaby, British Columbia, were treated to some fun in the virtual sun as representatives from Nintendo and Nurse Next Door, Canada's fastest growing in-home senior care provider, encouraged seniors to try their skills with the Wii Sports Resort game. While playing together with each other and kids from a local youth centre, Edmond's members also had the opportunity to learn about and experience the Wii system.

Denise Kelly, Captain of Relationships & Community Care from Nurse Next Door's Burnaby, BC franchise, has been incorporating Nintendo games as a regular past time amongst the senior population it services, and has found that seniors genuinely enjoy playing interactive games on Wii and reap far greater benefits.

"Playing Wii Sports Resort has social, psychological and physical benefits for the senior community," said Denise Kelly. "From my experience, playing video games for Wii encourages an active lifestyle for seniors while having fun which lifts their spirits and gives them a great sense of confidence, and vitality"

Along with providing interaction among members, playing Wii games can provide a unique opportunity for grandchildren and even adult children to spend quality, active time with grandparents or elderly parents. Wii Sports Resort can bridge the generation gap by enabling kids of all ages to go skydiving with their grandparents or compete in a three-point shooting competition with their parents.

"We've definitely seen the positive effects that Wii can have on our members here, whether they're using the game as a means to learn about new technology, socialize with each other, or interact with younger generations," says Lucas Bjerke, Recreation Leader at Edmonds Community Centre for 55+. "It's also an opportunity for the kids to teach their elders how to use the game, and in turn, provides another activity that both generations can enjoy together."

With the 2006 launch of Wii and its in-pack Wii Sports game, Wii bowling leagues and Wii tennis clubs emerged across the country quickly making Wii Sports a part of the senior community's social and physical activities. At Edmonds Community Centre for 55+, members have created their own club as well – the Edmonds Wii Players – where members get together to play a variety Wii titles. Now with Wii Sports Resort, there are even more sports for the senior community to enjoy.

Wii Sports Resort has already proven itself as something gamers of every age can enjoy together having already sold more than 400,000 copies in Canada as of December 2009, according to market research company NPD Group.

"The launch of Wii and Wii Sports has changed the definition of gaming and those who can benefit from the technology, and seniors are the perfect example of this," says Ron Bertram, Nintendo Canada's vice president and general manager. "With its resort feel and expanded activity line-up, Wii Sports Resort takes the fun and interaction to the next level while creating additional appeal and fun that can be enjoyed across multiple generations."

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Wii Sports Resort is available at a suggested retail price of $59.95 and includes one Wii MotionPlus accessory. Additional Wii MotionPlus accessories are available at a suggested retail price of $24.95 each. The Wii system is sold separately at a suggested retail price of $219.95. All pricing is in Canadian dollars.

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About Nintendo: The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems. Since 1983, when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo has sold more than 3.3 billion video games and more than 558 million hardware units globally, including the current-generation Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi, as well as the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Super NES, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCubesystems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Zelda and Pokemon. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere. For more information about Nintendo, please visit the company's Web site at

About Nurse Next Door: Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services is Canada's fastest growing in-home senior care franchise system and is dedicated to delivering responsive, caring, and high quality home healthcare services. With 34 locations across Canada, Nurse Next Door is quickly becoming an industry leader. With its HeartQuarters in Vancouver, BC the company was recently named the number one employer in the province by BC Business Magazine. For more information call 1.888.988.5880 or visit

About Edmonds Community Centre for 55+: Edmonds Community Centre offers activities directed at adults age 55+ but also welcomes both the younger and the young at heart! It's a welcoming place where you can enjoy daily lunches, fitness classes, our Solar Strength weight room, arts and crafts classes, dance lessons, bus trips, Health Watch, bingo, as well as many member-led clubs including the Edmonds Wii Players! Edmonds Community Centre is located at 7282 Kingsway Ave. in Burnaby, BC. Please stop by or phone 604-525-1671 for more information.

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