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October 04, 2007 08:00 ET

WildTangent Launches Innovative In-Game Advertising Campaign for "The Seeker"

WildTangent, Moxie Interactive and Artix Entertainment Join Forces to Script Elements of Movie Into Popular Online Game AdventureQuest

REDMOND, WA--(Marketwire - October 4, 2007) - WildTangent, Inc., the world's fastest growing online games network, in partnership with Moxie Interactive and Artix Entertainment, has launched an innovative in-game advertising campaign on behalf of "The Seeker," an action fantasy movie based on the Newberry Award winning series of books. The campaign, orchestrated by Moxie Interactive, rewards players of the hit Artix role-playing fantasy game AdventureQuest with virtual gold that can be used to acquire special in-game items and content based on the movie. The game, which is free to play, has more than five million monthly players and is now part of the WildTangent Games Network.

Early results show that AdventureQuest players are flocking to the campaign, and generating several hundred thousand views of the movie trailer each day, as well as significant click-through traffic to the movie's Web site at a rate 10 times greater than the industry average.

"This campaign is a terrific example of how marketers can be deeply integrated into a game without being interruptive," said Bill Clifford, vice president of advertising sales at WildTangent. "We've actually scripted elements of the movie into the game, giving players exclusive access to exciting new content by watching the trailer. AdventureQuest fans are eating it up, and FoxWalden is seeing tremendous results to date."

"The Seeker," in theaters beginning October 5, is about the legend of a group of immortal warriors who are called upon to defend the balance between light and dark on earth. To protect the Light, they divided its power into six signs and hid them throughout time. Will, the main character in the movie, discovers he is the last of the warriors and travels through time to find the six signs and square off against a force of unimaginable power, The Dark Rider.

WildTangent and Moxie Interactive worked closely with Artix developers to script the movie's six signs directly into the AdventureQuest game. To find the six signs, AdventureQuest players visit a mythical character named Ballyhoo, who grants players access to a magic chest filled with virtual gold that can be used to purchase in-game items such as spells, weapons, or character upgrades. Before gaining access to this gold, players watch "The Seeker" movie trailer. Once the trailer is complete and the gold has been awarded, Ballyhoo tells players about the legend of the six signs and the coming of the "Dark." Players are told to come back every few days to seek a new sign. Once each of the six signs is collected, the player is awarded a special sword, which can be used to combat The Dark Rider.

"AdventureQuest is extremely popular with our target audience, and given the thematic ties between the movie and the game we were able to pull together a very integrated campaign that ultimately enhances the experience of both properties," said Matt Griswold, Director of Interactive Marketing at FoxWalden.

WildTangent expects more than one million AdventureQuest players will engage with the FoxWalden promotion by the time the campaign concludes on October 7.

"WildTangent's work with Moxie and Artix takes the concept of in-game advertising one-step further by incorporating elements of the movie into the actual gameplay," said Michael Cai, director of broadband and gaming at Parks Associates. "By offering value for both gamers and marketers, such an approach is more likely to be successful and sustainable. As a game developer, publisher, and advertising platform company, WildTangent is uniquely positioned in the game advertising value chain."

WildTangent recently signed an agreement with Artix Entertaiment to exclusively sell in-game advertising for AdventureQuest. The partnership also enables WildTangent to sell premium display advertising across Artix's other properties, which include, and The addition of Artix's properties to the WildTangent Game Network results in a combined reach of more than 20 million monthly unique players worldwide.

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