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October 11, 2007 12:00 ET

Winter's Helpers: Enjoy a Worry-Free Season Indoors With the Help of Products That Seal, Balance and Protect Your Home

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 11, 2007) - While most American do-it-yourselfers continue to make the most of a temperate autumn, it won't be long until cooler weather and seasonal storms send them indoors to meet more home improvement challenges. "Well before battening down the hatches, take steps to ensure a well-sealed, comfortable, worry-free winter haven," says home improvement expert and syndicated radio show host of The Money Pit, Tom Kraeutler. "You'll continue to enjoy the benefits when warm weather returns, and who doesn't appreciate shaving a few tasks off of the perennial honey-do list?"

Kraeutler and co-host Leslie Segrete suggest the following smart solutions to prevent potential winter woes.

Seal the deal

A leak here and a crack there may not seem like a big deal, but when precious indoor warmth is using them for escape hatches, you can be sure that your energy dollars are making the same exit. Now's the time to tighten up your home's building envelope with a sealing treatment like GE Silicone II Window & Door ( Unlike acrylic-based caulking products, silicone won't crack or shrink, and it provides the best seal against water and the elements. "Silicone lasts a lifetime, so you'll only have to go through the application routine once," says Segrete. "All it takes is about four tubes of GE Silicone II to seal windows, doors, electrical outlets and other air escapes around the average home -- a minimal investment when compared to the hundreds of energy dollars you'll save in the coming year."

Maintain a comfortable indoor climate

During the hot, sticky days of summer, you know your home would be unbearable without a central air conditioner. But during up to 40 percent of the entire year, humidity levels can be high enough to make you feel uncomfortable even at moderate temperatures. "Mild fall and spring days, morning and evening hours when temperatures drop, and rainy, overcast conditions are just a few of the times when your air conditioner typically won't be in action to help control indoor humidity," explains Kraeutler. "So adding a whole-home dehumidifier like Aprilaire's Model 1700 to your central heating and cooling system can provide improved comfort, health, and protection of your home's structure year-round. As a result, rooms won't feel stuffy or sticky, harmful allergens and fungi don't have a place to thrive, and molds and mildew won't take up residence in fabrics, furnishings or millwork." Learn more about home dehumidification and other helpful HVAC add-ons at (

Brush on beauty and water resistance

Rainy weather often reveals the leaks and other moisture problems lurking in basement spaces, so anything you can do now to waterproof your underground bonus area will preserve its comfort and character. A great way to finish off a below-grade space in water-resistant style is with BEHR Basement & Masonry Waterproofing Paint ( Developed with NanoGuard technology, this new surface solution uses tiny nano particles to fill the voids created by larger ones, helping to prevent water penetration and moisture buildup. BEHR Basement & Masonry Waterproofing Paint features easy roller application and is formulated to prevent water penetration and moisture buildup in both above- and below-grade walls, masonry and retaining walls, cinder and concrete blocks, stucco and brick. This smooth, flat, water-based finish is available in 32 custom colors and can also be custom color-matched in over 500 colors. Look for it in both gallon and five-gallon containers at The Home Depot stores nationwide.

Safe and secure shading

Window shades make for a great year-round privacy and climate control solution, but their dangling lift cords can be a hazard for curious children and pets. Taking that safety concern to heart, Levolor now offers the only line of cordless Roman shades on the market, providing a clean, uninterrupted silhouette for windows up to 144 inches wide. "Adding to the convenience of the cordless lift system is a top down/bottom up feature that allows you to simultaneously provide coverage on the bottom of the window while letting in natural light at the top in such rooms as bedrooms and master baths where privacy is key. You can also give a room a style lift with a color, texture or traditional stripe pattern from among Levolor's 90 Roman shade varieties," notes Segrete. Start designing a safe, stylish view of the winter season with a visit to Levolor's Roman shade gallery at (

Tune up outdoor tools before hibernation

It's been a busy summer for you, your lawn mower and the other accessories you use to keep your yard and garden looking great. As your helpers head to the shed for the winter, take time to tune them up so that they're ready when you and your chores are next year. A good cleaning is a start, and you can now get advice and help with more complicated care issues through John Deere Mobile Service and their Ready To Mow™ Mobile Maintenance program. Your local Ready To Mow rep is a factory-trained service professional who brings his "service center on wheels" to your home or business for standard maintenance and diagnosis of problems with lawn, commercial or hand-held outdoor power equipment. Any brand is fair game for this 14-point maintenance and inspection service, and because regular care has been shown to increase the life of most mechanical equipment, Ready To Mow is a convenient way to protect the investment you've made in your landscape maintenance arsenal. Get acquainted with this service now through the dealer directory at (, and you'll be thanking yourself come spring.

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