SOURCE: Wisconsin Natural Acres

January 21, 2008 13:23 ET

Wisconsin Natural Acres Launches "Honey with Integrity" Campaign

2008 Kicks Off With Independent Lab Results Confirming Pureness of WNA's Honey

CHILTON, WI--(Marketwire - January 21, 2008) - Wisconsin Natural Acres, producer of all-natural honey and home to millions of healthy, happy and thriving honeybees, today announced the launch of its 2008 Honey with Integrity campaign. The Honey with Integrity campaign will span the 2008 year, promoting the health benefits of honey, and ways it can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

To launch this campaign, Wisconsin Natural Acres commissioned S-F Analytical Laboratories to test its honey for insecticides, chemicals or other foreign substances. S-F Laboratories is one of the Midwest's largest environmental, industrial and food analysis facilities, serving the testing needs of more than 4,000 clients throughout the US and Canada. Test results were overwhelmingly favorable, with no detectable amounts of organo-phosphate, chlorinated insecticides or antibiotics being found in WNA's honey.

Deep in the heart of Wisconsin, there's a place where clean air and sunshine are prevalent. Where fields of bright-white clover and deep-purple alfalfa stretch for miles, and off in the distance, a lake that stretches as far as the eye can see reflects the sun's bright rays. This is a place that some very lucky honeybees call home, and it's a place where Wisconsin Natural Acres is using centuries-old beekeeping secrets to produce the most pure and best-flavored honey in the world. WNA's bees are intentionally placed in areas away from crops that require heavy use of any farming chemicals/fertilizers. As a result, WNA's bees are much healthier and not one bee has been lost to Colony Collapse Disorder.

"Utilizing the best nectar sources, such as basswood, clover and alfalfa, leads to most tasty honey," said Doug Schulz, proprietor and head bee wrangler of Wisconsin Natural Acres. "We're utilizing time-tested natural techniques to care for our bees, and as a result, we're being rewarded with the best-tasting honey in the world. It's truly Honey with Integrity."

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Located in Chilton, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Natural Acres runs its day-to-day beekeeping operation with more than one-hundred years of experience and knowledge passed down from friends and family. Using all-organic processes with no chemicals, the bees feed off of the alfalfa, basswood and clover which are plentiful in Wisconsin. Once collected, WNA's honey is never heated or filtered, as this can kill the immune system-building antioxidants which are prevalent in honey's natural state. For additional information on Wisconsin Natural Acres or to order, visit

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