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04 juin 2008 23h59 HE

Wood Buffalo recycling increases 177% over two years

Fort McMurray, Alberta (June 4, 2008) — In 2007, Wood Buffalo residents continued to increase the amount of material they recycled, ending the year by diverting more than 629 tonnes from the landfill.

Compared with the 2005 total of 227 tonnes of material recycled, the 2007 recycling result of 629.36 tonnes represents an increase of 177 per cent over two years. Wood Buffalo recycled a total of 433.13 tonnes in 2006.

"We are very pleased to see that many of our residents are becoming regular and enthusiastic recyclers. They are taking a few minutes every week to recycle their household materials at one of the five recycling depots," said Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Mayor Melissa Blake. 

Cardboard was the recycling winner in 2007, with a total of 214.55 tonnes collected. This amount more than doubles the amount of cardboard recycled in 2006. Recycled plastic milk jugs also showed a substantial gain in 2007, registering an increase of 159 per cent with 12.35 tonnes recycled. Mixed paper, newspaper, glass and tin also registered increases.

The Timberlea Recycling Depot proved the most popular depot location, collecting more than 257 tonnes in 2007. The Thickwood Recycling Depot collected more than 186 tonnes, the Franklin Avenue Recycling Depot added almost 160 tonnes, and the Gregoire Depot, which opened in October 2007, added a few tonnes to the Wood Buffalo total.

The recycling program is a joint initiative of the municipality and Suncor Energy.

"Our homes, our schools and our workplaces all have materials we can recycle. Every time an individual chooses to recycle a piece of paper, a shoe box, a rinsed jar, a tin can or a milk jug, our community and the environment benefit. These individual efforts add up to substantial space savings in our landfill, an opportunity to re-use our raw materials and a healthier environment," said Brenda Erskine, Suncor Energy's Director of Community Relations.

The municipality also collects non-household recyclable materials including batteries, propane tanks, CFC units, tires, e-waste, metals (appliances, metal siding, rebar, etc.), concrete and asphalt. The total tonnage of these recycled materials is not included in the above statistics, which reflect household recycled materials only.

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