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August 18, 2010 05:00 ET

Working Women Shop During the Workday

New Survey by WorkPlace Media Reveals Traditional Forms of Media Being Taken Off Working Women's To Do Lists

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - August 18, 2010) -  Giving new meaning to the adage "she's the apple of my eye," working women have become the premier target for marketers across the country. With the spending power of $2.55 trillion, working women not only have the decision-making influence for 73% of their own household spending, they also have the paycheck to back it up. Yet, in response to their daily struggle to keep up with work and home life, working women are innovating their shopping habits and adjusting their media consumption.

In a new white paper, "Working Women: Reaching Them At Work," by WorkPlace Media, a national media company specializing in reaching working women in the workplace, data reveals that employed females are turning to the workday to get shopping done.

 Percentage of working women who regularly/occasionally 
 shop on their way to/from work or during a lunch break: 
  Dining Out 95.3%  
  Groceries 93.8%  
  Medicine 88.7%  
  Apparel 76.2%  
  Beauty Care & Cosmetics 75.2%  
  Home Décor 67.8%  
  Shoes 65.5%  
  Vitamins & Supplements 62.3%  
Source: WorkPlace Media, "Working Women's Workday Shopping," March 2010

"This pattern of using the workday to shop, and ultimately save time, is the reason we've seen more marketers trying to engage with working women right in the workplace, whether that be in an office, a hospital, a school, a library, or wherever they may work," said Stephanie Molnar, CEO of WorkPlace Media. "Reaching them there puts the brand top of mind just as these workday purchases are being planned and executed."

Media Usage by Working Women

The white paper also shares data from a new study by WorkPlace Media, "Media Usage by Working Women," that shows a high percentage of working women don't spend time during the day using traditional forms of media such as newspapers (55.42%) and magazines (56.00%), compared to only 9.17% who don't spend time using the Internet.

The study also revealed that these percentages in daily non-users could be directly tied to being employed, with over 40% of working women stating that their work schedule has caused them to reduce their time spent reading the newspaper (44.14%) and magazines (46.61%). And while Internet advertising is what many marketers have utilized to compensate for the decline in traditional media usage, 38.19% of working women say that their hectic work schedule has also caused them to reduce their online surfing, suggesting that reaching them successfully is more than just a click away.

"As working women continue to shift away from traditional forms of media to compensate for their hectic schedules, marketers are compelled to find media that stands out and gets noticed," said Molnar. "What better place to do that than right in the workplace where they are focused."

For more information on these surveys and other complimentary research, visit and click on "Complimentary Research."

The "Working Women's Workday Shopping" and "Media Usage by Working Women" surveys were conducted online among a national sample (1,565 and 1,015 respectively) of working women while they were at work.

WorkPlace Media is a national media company specializing in reaching working women right where they work to deliver a personal message with the assistance of their employers. With its permission-based network of businesses, marketers are able to reach over 31 million working women either as a whole, by demographic variables, and/or geographically. In addition, WorkPlace Media excels in measurability, ROI modeling, and real-time consumer insight for promotion feedback, usage intent, and brand and/or in-store experience. With the experience of thousands of programs over 20 years, WorkPlace Media has unique expertise about the working woman and a history of delivering superior ROI for its clients. (

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