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November 26, 2007 11:11 ET

Workplace Conflict Is Today's Most Reducible Business Cost, but Often Goes Unrecognized -- Mediation Training Institute Provides the Solution

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwire - November 26, 2007) - Workplace conflict is becoming increasingly costly to businesses nationwide. Some costs are obvious, like quality problems that arise when employees act on their anger instead of acting cooperatively; or lost productivity as employees waste energy discussing office politics or choosing sides in an ongoing conflict. Employee turnover is hugely expensive and often the result of unresolved workplace conflict. Other costs are hidden, such as employee sabotage or the impact of conflict on decision-making. The bottom line is that the cost of workplace conflict is much higher than most managers realize.

The solution to this widespread problem is simple mediation techniques that enable employees to resolve conflicts between themselves in order to maintain a harmonious and more productive work environment. In the life of every conflict, there is a point when it's large enough to be recognized, but small enough to be resolved. "There's nothing new about mediation per se," says Dr. Dan Dana of the Mediation Training Institute International, a company specializing in mediation skills for the workplace. "What is new is that employees and managers alike can learn simple mediation techniques in a single day that effectively resolve and even prevent most workplace conflicts."

"These simple mediation techniques are very practical and easy to use in helping to identify and reduce conflict," says Brent Davis of Armstrong Management Services. "Not only can you apply them on the job, but they work at home with family or friends."

Examples abound. "When an employee slammed a computer board down on his desk during an argument with his supervisor last month, it cost the company $1700. Since then one of our Certified Trainers has trained him and 15 co-workers in mediation techniques. I'm confident we can save the company many times the training cost in the next six months," said Dr. Dana.

Training in both -- "Managerial Mediation" and "Self Mediation" -- is available for customized on-site presentation by Certified Trainers located throughout the United States and abroad. Jeffrey Voigt is a Certified Trainer based in Arlington, VA, and you can view his qualifications at

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