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BritGirl Productions Media Relations

July 27, 2005 10:02 ET

World's Only Diabetes-Friendly Caramel Popcorn by BBNC Snacks!

New Low Fat, No Sugar, Low Sodium, Nut-Free, Diabetes-Friendly Caramel Popcorn by Body Balance Nutrition Corporation! Attention: Assignment Editor, Food/Beverage Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - July 27, 2005) - In 2003 Jerry Shapiro was drastically overweight and suffered with high above normal cholesterol levels forcing him, upon doctors orders, to commit to a healthier lifestyle and a dedicated fitness program. His wife Este Shapiro, had five years before, discovered she had diabetes and became an insulin dependant diabetic.

For both husband and wife this meant a drastic change in how they lived and conducted their lives. Este became committed to changing her lifestyle and adopted a healthier eating plan combined with a regular exercise routine. Jerry combined fitness with eating healthy food and proper nutrition. As a result, he competed in several national competitions and was ultimately crowned first place - Grand Master at the CBBF and OPA 2005 Ontario National Qualifer.


He had attained the best shape of his life! On his way to achieving his health and fitness goals Jerry also created two new products in the process for both himself and his wife who is, by the way, 51 years of age!

Turning to Canada's most prestigious food development organizations, Jerry teamed up with world-renowned Guelph Food Technology Center at Guelph University. The outcome surpassed all expectations and Wunder Pop and Power Pop was born!

Wunder Pop Caramel Popcorn is generously infused with a unique 'No Sugar Added' delicious buttery caramel. Our original blend of quality ingredients is combined to deliver a nostalgic gourmet caramel taste! Low fat, low salt, low lactose, Kosher and nut-free with NO ADDED SUGAR make this the ideal snack for everyone just watching their diet, sugar intake or just craving a fun, guilt-free snack.

Power Pop Protein-Packed Whey Caramel Popcorn was designed as the perfect pre- or post workout snack. We infuse our air popped corn with a crunchy coating of deliciously creamy caramel, which is then enriched with the best whey protein available. With 8 grams of protein in each 50-gram single serving - that's enough to make most protein bars jealous and it tastes better too! Rich in protein and also low salt, low fat, nut-free, Kosher, low lactose and with no sugar added, Power Pop is THE new power snack!

"I had the opportunity to sample your product "Wunder Pop" the other day…It certainly was quite tasty and very enjoyable to snack. The product contains only 180 calories, of which only 3.5 grams are fat, suggesting that it might be quite useful for fat-reduced diets…It may also be useful in those people with calorie restricted meal plans, including diabetics…This product would certainly be something that I would suggest to my patients, to see if it would fit in with their meal plan."

- Dr. I. Gottesman, M.D.,FRCPC, FACP, FACE
Endocrinology - Diabetes Mellitus

Whether you are into fitness, a diabetic or managing your diet, Jerry's products were designed with you in mind and are packaged in single portion ready-to-eat pouches; our unique NO SUGAR ADDED, LOW FAT, LOW CARB, LOW SALT, NUT-FREE and a PROTEIN ENRICHED recipe, combine an exceptionally good COMPLEX CARB (Air popped popcorn), with high quality WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN. This breaks down slowly in more stabilized sugar levels.

"I worked hard, ate right and within 14 months an unbelievable transformation took place. Under the layers of fat was the body of what was soon to become a natural body greatest joy is to inspire other men and women into believing that anything is possible. That through planning and focus goals can be achieved. I am living proof. It's about creating a lifestyle filled with better choices."

- Jerry Shapiro, President Of Body Balance Nutrition Corporation

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