November 18, 2009 08:00 ET

XIHA Life Partners With MySites to Offer Unlimited Video Uploads

Unlimited Video Sharing Rounds Off XIHA Life's Rich Cross-Cultural Multimedia Experience

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 18, 2009) - Web 2.0 Expo -- XIHA Life (, the world's first truly multilingual and multicultural social network, today announced a partnership with social cloud storage provider MySites to offer unlimited video uploads to the XIHA Life community. The MySites cloud already hosts XIHA's extensive game library, and through this partnership, XIHA Life users will be able to upload any content -- even HD videos -- with no limits on length or resolution quality. The XIHA community is spread across over 200 countries, engaging in a cross-cultural experience through simultaneous multilingual communication. This new facility will further enhance the XIHA Life multinational dialogue.

"We are very excited to provide unlimited video possibilities to the vibrant XIHA community. Film creatives worldwide can now share their latest creations in their full glory, without the restrictions found on YouTube and other sites," said MySites' CEO Ramine Darabiha. "Our cloud technology will facilitate a multicultural flowering of video creativity, and it's great to see our hard work bear fruit for the benefit of a global audience."

"MySites is the most social-minded cloud storage service available, with facilities that permit unlimited expansion in new directions. We are very excited to offer our users the ability to upload unlimited videos, and we expect our global audience to create a vibrant multicultural movie scene," added Jani Penttinen, CEO and co-founder of XIHA Life.

The addition of the unlimited video uploads rounds off XIHA's multimedia facilities, which include photography, music and games -- making for rich, global cross-cultural dialogue in multiple formats as well as languages.

About XIHA Life

XIHA Life ( brings people of the world together in the first truly multilingual social network. Users select as many languages as they want, and XIHA recognizes and filters the languages, allowing simultaneous cross-cultural communication. Users create blogs and homepages, try to buy games, and link to other social media. Features such as XIHA Music give users an easy way to learn about other cultures. XIHA users live in over 200 countries, with no country accounting for more than about five percent of total traffic. XIHA is based in Sunnyvale, California, Switzerland and Finland.

About MySites

MySites is the easiest way to share files with friends, combining cloud storage technology with the most advanced sharing functionality available. Based on a custom-built cluster developed by world-known Ruby developers, MySites provides unlimited and restriction-free storage to anyone as well as startups. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland.

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