October 11, 2007 12:19 ET

XING AG Opens Up Further Revenue Source With Marketplace

HAMBURG, GERMANY--(Marketwire - October 11, 2007) -

--  Job listings can be posted from $.69
--  No minimum fees or fixed rates
--  Cost controlling for employers with a click limit

Since being launched in May 2007, XING Marketplace has established itself as a successful market for job listings. Today, XING AG announced a new performance-based billing system for Marketplace, which opens up a new potential revenue stream for the company. Starting October 12, 2007, job listings on XING Marketplace will be billed using a "pay-per-click" method, with no fixed charges or minimum fees. Current pricing is set at $.69 per click, and those posting on Marketplace are only charged for the actual number of clicks to their job listing.

"XING Marketplace is an ideal environment where recruiters and headhunters can find the most qualified talent on the market," said Lars Hinrichs, CEO and founder of XING. "Integrating job listings into an international business network combined with an attractive billing model is a unique innovation for this market."

Each Premium Member receives a total of 10 free clicks per month for job listings. XING Marketplace also provides job posters with an overall cost controlling mechanism in the form of a click limit. They can either limit the overall number of clicks to one job offer, or set a monthly limit for all offers. All XING members will continue to be able to view all job listings free of charge in the future.

XING AG now has an online membership base totalling more than 4 million business professionals, experts and managers from around the world. XING members can post job offers for other members on XING Marketplace. An intelligent algorithm then compares supply and demand, that gives members a view of the job listings that best match the information on their profiles.

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XING makes your professional network an active part of your life. Far more than a directory of business contacts, XING enables its members to discover professional people, opportunities and privileges through its unique discovery capability and advanced contact management tools.

With the successful IPO of XING as the first Web 2.0 company to go public, XING AG has had a long-term impact on the social networking trend amongst professionals. By focusing on the target group 'business people worldwide,' the company is able to offer tailored features, thereby making networking and contact management simpler. Besides Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, XING AG is also represented with offices in Barcelona (eConozco, Neurona) and Beijing.

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